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  • How to be a Poser - Sideshow 1:6 Yoda

    This article was originally published in forum thread: How to be a Poser - Sideshow 1:6 Yoda started by Darklord Dave View original post
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    1. Bustajesse's Avatar
      Bustajesse -
      This is a nice Yoda. I like the look of it more than the HT. The paint is not as realistic but it looks more like Yoda to me.
    1. rayeknor's Avatar
      rayeknor -
      Miles apart. Sculpt not bad yes but paint/quality vs the hot toys one seems different galaxies apart. I'm surprised they're asking $150
    1. LexLuthor's Avatar
      LexLuthor -
      Wow what was Sideshow thinking, this Yoda is bad. Just bad.
    1. Rook's Avatar
      Rook -
      Don’t be so bloody hyperbolic.
    1. Knightstalker's Avatar
      Knightstalker -
      I like parts of this figure, the sculpt is quite nice, however I think it falls over in the clothing department, at least versus the HT version. It’s a bit too clean. Good video Terry.