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  • Blitzway 1:6 Ghostbusters - ECTO-1

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    Blitzway 1:6 scale ECTO-1 1984 Ghostbusters Ambulance

    Who ya gonna call?

    Blitzway is proud to officially unveil the other hero of the Ghostbusters...the ECTO-1! Blitzway has spent countless hours developing an immortal masterpiece that no one has ever seen before. They have studied every facet of this vehicle and have paid attention to every level of detail including accurate dimensions, shape, and structure as evidenced in the 1959 Cadillac.

    Precisely and exquisitely designed details of the exterior and interior, along with realistic structures and props of the ECTO-1 can all be seen on this fantastic car.

    Also featured, is a high-end lighting system and rotating light bar in addition to an embedded digital audio player with siren!

    The world's best automobile model of the ECTO-1 measures more than 40 inches in length and sports an unbelievable quality.

    We are confident this luxurious and elegant vehicle will become the standout leader in your collection!

    More photos of the Blitzway 1:6 scale ECTO-1 1984 Ghostbusters Ambulance on Sideshow's site - click here!
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    1. tys1977's Avatar
      tys1977 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Tomisthegame View Post
      Can anyone recommend somewhere in the UK to order this from?

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      Collectibles Direct mate

    1. Tom Day's Avatar
      Tom Day -
      I just don't understand why the underside of the vehicle had to be as detailed as it is, and why there's anything under the hood. When are you ever going to display the bottom of the vehicle?

      At £799 this would have been a must buy, at £1380-£1500 it's just insanity.
    1. goatchumby's Avatar
      goatchumby -
      There is an almost unbelievable amount of detail on display here. It really is amazing! And for $1300 you could have had a decent down payment on the real thing back in '59
    1. a-dev's Avatar
      a-dev -
    1. davejames's Avatar
      davejames -
      I wonder what the price might have been for a more barebones version of the car, without the lights and electronics (with the fully decked out car being the "Deluxe"). Not sure how many would have gone for it, but might have been a good other option to have.
    1. barryo's Avatar
      barryo -
      Looks quality. The detail is amazeballz. Looks like price matches the product.
    1. duo_maxwell_1017's Avatar
      duo_maxwell_1017 -
      I want to order this, but I need to wait for more rewards to become available.
    1. Plastic Bateman's Avatar
      Plastic Bateman -
      This is utterly incredible - if the final product carries this level of quality I'd say it'd actually be worth the gonzo price tag. Blitzway are really trying to raise the bar, best of luck to them.
    1. Sweet Rabbit's Avatar
      Sweet Rabbit -
      Way more than I thought it’d be
    1. karamazov80's Avatar
      karamazov80 -
      Did deserve its own thread. I can't justify the price, as much as I love the film and car. Looks nice, but it ain't that nice.
    1. sabin23's Avatar
      sabin23 -
      Preordered at Timewalker.

      And now the countdown begins... I would not be surprised if this somehow gets pushed into 2020.
    1. burtial's Avatar
      burtial -
      I sooooo glad it has it's own thread now.

      I'm on the fence....I'd really like to pull the trigger. I keep on asking myself "Okay, I'm a fan, but am I THAT much of a fan?" lol I bought the 4 pack....but do I want to be $2600 invested in this?
    1. BurningRage's Avatar
      BurningRage -
      Shipping box will be huge.
    1. jra81984's Avatar
      jra81984 -
      I have the hot wheels elite which is beautifully detailed. This version is alluring to me, but man at that size....where the heck could I even put it?
    1. Jbeltram4's Avatar
      Jbeltram4 -
      Day 1 order placed with Timewalker. Payments set up there are more than reasonable and we will never see this car in this scale ever again. I have zero plans on ever selling this or the 4 pack and I'll happily plunk down more on any other characters made from either film. This is my early childhood incarnate, and my 4 year old loves Ghostbusters just as much. Hopefully in 2020 when this finally comes, he'll be able to appreciate this that much more.
    1. Lejuan's Avatar
      Lejuan -
      Don't have the space, don't have the cash - but it looks quite a thing. I'd buy it.
    1. davejames's Avatar
      davejames -
      Ha, is this the first time a 1/6 vehicle has been put in the banner at the top? Don't think I've ever seen that before, but it's definitely deserving.
    1. Tom Day's Avatar
      Tom Day -
      This is one of the few times I'd consider buying from Sideshow just because they're big enough not to go under if it comes riddled with QC issues. But then the shipping and the customs charges will be crippling, and this will ship around Brexit time when sterling will be in the crapper.
    1. Oxnard Montalvo's Avatar
      Oxnard Montalvo -
      "£1'600? - I could almost buy my own ship for that !"
    1. SAB's Avatar
      SAB -
      God bless you insane collectors who are going to buy this!

      Remember when Hot Toys wouldn’t build Iron Monger from Iron Man 1 because they weren’t sure the market could support a $400+ 1/6 ?