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  • Blitzway 1:6 Ghostbusters - ECTO-1

    Pre-Order NOW - click the link!
    Blitzway 1:6 scale ECTO-1 1984 Ghostbusters Ambulance

    Who ya gonna call?

    Blitzway is proud to officially unveil the other hero of the Ghostbusters...the ECTO-1! Blitzway has spent countless hours developing an immortal masterpiece that no one has ever seen before. They have studied every facet of this vehicle and have paid attention to every level of detail including accurate dimensions, shape, and structure as evidenced in the 1959 Cadillac.

    Precisely and exquisitely designed details of the exterior and interior, along with realistic structures and props of the ECTO-1 can all be seen on this fantastic car.

    Also featured, is a high-end lighting system and rotating light bar in addition to an embedded digital audio player with siren!

    The world's best automobile model of the ECTO-1 measures more than 40 inches in length and sports an unbelievable quality.

    We are confident this luxurious and elegant vehicle will become the standout leader in your collection!

    More photos of the Blitzway 1:6 scale ECTO-1 1984 Ghostbusters Ambulance on Sideshow's site - click here!
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    1. SwedishHeat's Avatar
      SwedishHeat -
      Quote Originally Posted by swo77 View Post
      Still planning on ordering? If so, are you going with Timewalker or Sideshow? Still not sure which to go with based on speculated shipping and level of after-sale support should there be issues.
      It is known that Sideshow gouges on shipping, so I wouldn't order anything from them, just on general principle.

      Based on my level of after-sale support, Timewalker really has gone above and beyond, just based on my one transaction with the GB figures themselves. And my set didn't even have any issues. Just the updates, and the fact that they gave me a coupon for letting them keep my money after the first delay and not causing a ruckus, seemed pretty "above and beyond".
    1. ebor's Avatar
      ebor -
      Timewalker's getting my PO for this. They let you flex pay. And don't gouge on shipping. I will likely use my $40 coupon on this...why not...
    1. subzro's Avatar
      subzro -
      If i did not have $400 in reward points at SS i would absolutely PO this from Timewalker. Great company and customer service. I already used my $40 coupon on Yondu
    1. TaliBane's Avatar
      TaliBane -
      Wow, love this thing, but that price is a stunner. It's the price of seven 1/6 figures. I was really hoping it was going to be closer to the price of five 1/6 figs.

      It's ginormous, super-detailed and a thing of beauty however.
    1. SilverStar17's Avatar
      SilverStar17 -
      Yep. I plan on owning it vicariously through other people's pictures on here.
    1. swo77's Avatar
      swo77 -
      Pre-ordered at Timewalker!
    1. Rambler's Avatar
      Rambler -
      Quote Originally Posted by SilverStar17 View Post
      Yep. I plan on owning it vicariously through other people's pictures on here.
      Same here.

      Quote Originally Posted by swo77 View Post
      Pre-ordered at Timewalker!
    1. kaltier's Avatar
      kaltier -
      truly amazing details on this 1/6 vehicle. mad mad money though.
    1. Nailz's Avatar
      Nailz -
      Ordered, will probably take 2 years for it to be released , that is only about 60 dollars a month, got to cut back on the $25 five guy burgers to 3x a week only
    1. Big Mo's Avatar
      Big Mo -
      I've ordered through popculture, $2500 over here, now thats crazy dollars. As much as I would've loved to order through Timewalker like by busters, the delivery and import tax would kill.
      For me its a must have, I've already got too many regrets on pieces I missed out on. Exhibit A - the premium format speeder bike, that still haunts me to this day!
    1. SilverStar17's Avatar
      SilverStar17 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Rambler View Post
      Same here.

      Quote Originally Posted by kaltier View Post
      truly amazing details on this 1/6 vehicle. mad mad money though.
      Requires a mad, mad amount of space as well.
    1. TurdFurgusonsHat's Avatar
      TurdFurgusonsHat -
      I keep coming back to looking at this thing. It looks great all lit up. But looking at pics and vids it looks like all the trim around the windows is a matte silver color when it appears from movie shots it should be chrome like the bumper, door handles, side mirrors etc.

      I really wish I could see production pics before committing to buy but I'm not sure that will be an option.
    1. karamazov80's Avatar
      karamazov80 -
      Yeah, Blitzway have demonstrated a noticeable dropoff from proto to production. Not uncommon or terrible, but if you're shelling out that much money, it creates a bit of extra anxiety.
    1. Bikerscout's Avatar
      Bikerscout -
      Quote Originally Posted by Tom Day View Post
      I just don't understand why the underside of the vehicle had to be as detailed as it is, and why there's anything under the hood. When are you ever going to display the bottom of the vehicle?

      At 799 this would have been a must buy, at 1380-1500 it's just insanity.
      Because there are people who are suckers for details and accuracy like myself. As a car scale model collector too, I will find every single important detail that has to be there. The HT DeLorean was/is a disappointment to be honest. To many missing details.
    1. customizerwannabe's Avatar
      customizerwannabe -
      Hadto have it. Enjoy my money for 2 years sideshow!
    1. MachoGeek80's Avatar
      MachoGeek80 -
      Looks awesome. And costs as much as my real life car.
    1. subzro's Avatar
      subzro -

      Just ordered
    1. Matthew Mayhem's Avatar
      Matthew Mayhem -
    1. Rydeck's Avatar
      Rydeck -
      I just took the pre-order plunge on this. It's not my most expensive 1/6 scale purchase, but it'll certainly be the biggest. I'm trying to wrap my head around how big the box will be so I can plan for space.
    1. Bo Shrek's Avatar
      Bo Shrek -
      Curious how many employees this company has! After the release of the GB they went silent again. Silence of the Lambs figure are looong due. Waiting for my Slime Blower Winston announcement