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  • Michael Crawford's QMx Picard sixth scale figure review

    I'm checking out a figure getting a lot of discussion right now on the sixth scale groups - Captain Picard from Qmx. Some of the photos had me worried...very worried. But I have a production figure in hand, and he's fantastic. I've got my review up tonight:


    or you can find it with the rest at the usual:


    Thanks for reading!

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    1. davejames's Avatar
      davejames -
      Great review! The sculpt has definitely grown on me, even if the overly thick neck still bugs me a bit (something I didn't mind on Spock but which seems a lot more noticeable on their McCoy and Picard figures).

      As for the tunic, I wonder if pulling and holding it down with double-sided tape might help with the length...
    1. a-dev's Avatar
      a-dev -
      Man, MMS238 T-800 wishes he had a neck like that.

      As far as the headsculpt, well, I won't stick around to put a downer on people's enthusiasm beyond this post but I think it looks Stewart-esque. It's obvious who it's meant to be but it doesn't quite manage it and I suspect, after a time, this feeling will become the lasting view of a great many people when that initial ''new toy excitement'' wears off.
    1. yodasan's Avatar
      yodasan -
      Quote Originally Posted by davejames View Post
      As for the tunic, I wonder if pulling and holding it down with double-sided tape might help with the length...
      An alternate Picard maneuver?
    1. screamingmetal's Avatar
      screamingmetal -
      Fantastic review and pictures Michael!
      He looks much better than previous pictures!
      I'm very close to ordering this now, but I'll need to wait until I have enough. The exclusive is a must for me.
    1. Weyland426's Avatar
      Weyland426 -
      Pre-ordered mostly due to your review. Was very close to passing on this one with the production photos on their site left much to be desired.
    1. kheas's Avatar
      kheas -
      Great Review. Just wished that they included the classic Jacket and teal shirt combo as well! Now THAT would have been a great exclusive.Attachment 339158
    1. BojTrek's Avatar
      BojTrek -
      Thanks for the review, for me the problem is the NOSE. When I open your pictures in the review and move my hand to cover the nose... I see Picard/Stewart. But when I lower my hand... and bring the nose back into view, I lose the connection. So, the figure is decent but it is not Picard.

      Sculptures seem to have such a hard time with real-life 'humans'... some are perfect and others are just off. That is why I have only purchased a few real-life characters... Michael Jordan = PERFECT, Jack Sparrow = PERFECT and that is why I have them.

      But look at Han and Star Lord up above on the Sideshow Freaks header... they look off to me. This is all my opinion, I would love to buy more, but they need to look 'perfect' to me. ME = OCD RETENTIVE
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