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  • Big Chief Studios teases new James Bond 1/6 Figures

    Release on the Big Chief Facebook page:

    "As an early Christmas present to our customers and James Bond fans around the world, we are proud to present a sneak peek of our upcoming Goldfinger sixth scale figures. Available to pre-order from February 2017, the first three figures in the range include James Bond (Sean Connery), Auric Goldfinger (Gert Fröbe) and Oddjob (Harold Sakata). With fully realised likenesses, authentically styled, hand-tailored costumes and detailed accessories, the figures will be produced in a worldwide limited edition. Look out for special incentives and advanced First Edition pieces, more details to follow..."

    Follow Big Chief on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/BigChiefStudiosLimited

    Original announcement:

    Comments 10 Comments
    1. surfin4's Avatar
      surfin4 -
      Pretty impressive stuff all around, oddjob looks great.
    1. nomad74's Avatar
      nomad74 -
      Looking forward for this, could one only pr order just one figure or is this a set? Please let me know, I'd love to get the Sean Connery one.

    1. Raiders March's Avatar
      Raiders March -
      Will definitely be keen for goldfinger. He's never been done in 1/6 before.
    1. Mr Walker's Avatar
      Mr Walker -
      Looks like it'd need a repaint, but the likeness is there on SC, from the little shown.
    1. weblens1's Avatar
      weblens1 -
      bIG FAN OF ALL THE bOND FILMS FROM Dr No forward. I think these statues will do well and find a healthy market of interest.
    1. Ethan8472's Avatar
      Ethan8472 -
      Anyone know what time Big Chief usually put up their pre-orders? Would it be midnight GMT on the 10th?
    1. TheOwl's Avatar
      TheOwl -
      According to Big Chief Studios these will go up for pre-order at 5 pm Friday (UK time).

      Check out this thread for more information pertaining to these releases: http://www.sideshowcollectors.com/fo...d-license.html
    1. Sibs's Avatar
      Sibs -
      Could not be more excited for these figures. I hope they continue to expand the line of figures for more of the classic 007 films. They need a ***** Galore!
    1. Raiders March's Avatar
      Raiders March -
      There pricey! But i went ahead and po'd Goldfinger away.
      Now its time to sit back and wait, and then maybe wait some more
    1. Jammyjr's Avatar
      Jammyjr -
      Pre ordered also.