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  • Hot Toys - MMS384 - Suicide Squad - Joker (Batman Imposter) Collectible Figure

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    Hot Toys 1/6 - Suicide Squad - Joker (Batman Imposter) up for pre-order!

    The longstanding feud between Batman and the Joker has been the dramatic core in Batman lore since the very beginning. In the Suicide Squad movie, the two have an oh-so-brief encounter - the first in the recently established DC Extended Universe - leaving fans to speculate and dream about what it would be like when they inevitably clash in future outings.

    In the spirit of the movie, the designers at Hot Toys let their imagination run wild, and the result was an intriguing alternative vision of the Joker impersonating Batman, now beautifully realized in the form of a sixth scale collectible figure as an exclusive item only available in select markets!

    The highly stylistic collectible figure is sophisticatedly crafted based on Jared Leto's image as the Joker from the movie, clad in a specially designed, never-before-seen Batsuit in the Joker's signature purple and green colors and decorated with his unique tattoo prints. It also features a masked head sculpt revealing the Joker's sinister grin, 2 blood-stained batarangs, a flag gun, and a Suicide Squad-themed figure stand with character backdrop.

    This unique Joker/Batman collectible figure will be the jewel in the crown of your Hot Toys collection!



    The Joker (Batman Imposter Version) Sixth Scale Collectible Figure features:

    One (1) masked head with Jared Leto's grinning expression as the Joker in Suicide Squad
    A specialized muscular body with over 30 points of articulation
    Approximately 32cm tall
    Six (6) pieces of interchangeable gloved hands including:
    - One (1) pair of fists
    - One (1) right hand for holding Batarang
    - One (1) right hand for holding gun
    - One (1) gripping right hand
    - One (1) relaxed left hand
    Each head sculpt is specially hand-painted

    One (1) specially tailored purple Batsuit covered in the Joker's tattoo prints
    One (1) purple leather-like cape
    One (1) green utility belt with a playing cards motif
    One (1) pair of green forearm gauntlets
    One (1) pair of green boots

    One (1) flag gun
    Two (2) blood stained batarangs

    A specially designed Suicide Squad-themed figure stand with movie logo and character backdrop

    Expected to Ship
    Nov 2016 - Jan 2017
    DC Comics
    Sixth Scale Figure
    Hot Toys
    Product Size
    12.59" H (319.79mm)*
    Tabletop View
    Dimensional Weight
    Int'l Dim. Weight
    Size and weight are approximate values. Learn more
    Product Sku

    Kojun (Head Sculpt)
    JC. Hong (Head Paint)
    Jae-sung, Eom (Head Art Direction)
    SUICIDE SQUAD and all related characters and elements & DC Comics. DC LOGO: TM DC. WB SHIELD: TM & WBEI. (s16) 2016 Hot Toys Limited. All Rights Reserved.

    Item shown is a prototype. When shipped, the final production piece may differ in appearance.
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    Comments 335 Comments
    1. afattori's Avatar
      afattori -
      Wtf? $264 are they high? Big pass.
    1. JDog797's Avatar
      JDog797 -
      How limited remains to be seen

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    1. Bjjer's Avatar
      Bjjer -
      i was going to buy it also but the price put me off. I have the whole Civil War line to go through.
    1. TheBigMachine's Avatar
      TheBigMachine -
      It's weird. I like weird. Ordered!
    1. Rambler's Avatar
      Rambler -
      That price is almost as big of a joke as this figure.
    1. afattori's Avatar
      afattori -
      Quote Originally Posted by Rambler View Post
      That price is almost as big of a joke as this figure.
      Pretty much. 229.00 would consider it, but $264? Come on.
    1. batfan08's Avatar
      batfan08 -
      Quote Originally Posted by afattori View Post
      Pretty much. If they paid me 229.00, I would consider it, but giving them $264? Come on.
    1. Jaymig926's Avatar
      Jaymig926 -
      Will this be released soon? ( in Hong Kong)
    1. BurningRage's Avatar
      BurningRage -
    1. Parvus_Minor's Avatar
      Parvus_Minor -
      The price is a bit high. I understand the extra work they put into the suit, but they essentially are repainting an existing toy with minor differences. Personally, I don't feel like having it priced more than Batman feels fair, but I do see this as being an "Exclusive" limited edition that was made to recoup costs elsewhere perhaps. Much like their often overpriced power-pose figures.

      I do not mind that this wasn't in the movie. As many have mentioned, it still a cool idea to those that dig it. I know I like it, I don't feel like it took away from them making other characters since it seemed like they'd only cover the 3 main stars. Would feel weirder (than it already is) if they started making others and never finish the whole team.

      I actually wouldn't mind some original HT variants as long as they complete the characters they committed to originally (Still hoping for a Marvel's Yellow Jacket).

      I will be ordering this. It'll keep its value, if not be worth more in a year.
    1. Darkseed's Avatar
      Darkseed -
      Least fav look of the Joker........easy pass
    1. ColombianLove41's Avatar
      ColombianLove41 -
      trigger pulled
    1. Charlie2099's Avatar
      Charlie2099 -
      I like it. Not enough to pay $264. Like others I don't care if it's in a movie or not. Hot Toys mostly makes things from movies, but I buy them because of comics or I like the way they look. Can't find this quality in any comic version figures.
    1. banthafett's Avatar
      banthafett -
      That price sucks. SS probably adding more to it so their crazy ass price on Lobo looks fair.
    1. Ppk487's Avatar
      Ppk487 -
      Damn, had this guy been the same as Batman at $235 I would jump but that's steep.
    1. spindrift's Avatar
      spindrift -
      I'm a sucker for this- plus it'll probably be big $$$ when it sells out- A JOKER Batman I may get it
    1. Ppk487's Avatar
      Ppk487 -
      So tempting honestly. Why couldn't the $20 coupon be used on this? Maybe when I get Knightmare they'll give another coupon but this could certainly be gone by then. Hmmm.
    1. ZombieGuy13's Avatar
      ZombieGuy13 -
      Dang. This one cost more then reg bat and armored bat?
    1. Rex Mason's Avatar
      Rex Mason -
      Not screen accurate, so it's not for me. I bought enough Batman variants in my youth. Don't want to do it again, let alone at this price point. Hard to believe Hot Toys is making three different bat-releases I'm passing on between this one, blue West Batman, and black chrome Batman.

      Good thing I have plenty of others to look forward to ('66 Joker, Bvs Batman, purple and asylum Jokers, Harley, and Deadshot).
    1. bedot's Avatar
      bedot -
      I get it if most customers prefer movie accurate action figures, but why do people get mad when HT goes outside of the movie universe to create a figure?

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