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  • Corrose's Collection...The Beginning!

    Revisiting past Collections of the week - so they'll get recognition on the new forum.

    2-26-12 Update!
    Tons of changes to my home office, did a lot of re-arranging, got some art and posters framed and hung up, tons of new autographs added to the collection as well!
    Also bought some nice camera lenses including a macro and wide angle, so I decided to take all new photos.

    Also I have had a few PMs asking what my office looked like as a whole, so I took some wide angle shots and stitched into a large panoramic. Click the "resized" header bar to see the full version.

    See the rest of it here:
    This article was originally published in forum thread: Corrose's Collection...The Beginning! - HUGE Update on first page - 2-27-12 started by Corrose View original post
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    1. Ayotli's Avatar
      Ayotli -
      Wow, love the built-in display cases!!!
    1. Chr0n0's Avatar
      Chr0n0 -
      Very nice setup man!
    1. gunm's Avatar
      gunm -
      Since this thread was a bit necro bumped...any updates Corrose? ^_^ It looks envious!
    1. Mr. Nice Guy's Avatar
      Mr. Nice Guy -
      Quote Originally Posted by Corrose View Post
      Also picked up and had framed the Bounty Hunter prints from Mondo, these are really nice. Each one is 1 ft x 3 ft, and side by side and spaced out takes up about an 8 ft wide footprint on the wall, very cool!

      I dig this but you gotta line them up in the movie order; Dengar, IG, Fett, Bossk, 4Lom, Zuckuss.
    1. EndoSickness's Avatar
      EndoSickness -
      Love it, simply stylish and all brought together VERY well.
      Job well done, sir.
    1. creature4000's Avatar
      creature4000 -
      One of the Best!!!!!
    1. Wah's Avatar
      Wah -
      beautiful setup bro.
    1. Aegis159's Avatar
      Aegis159 -
      God, what I could do with a basement!!! Love the setup!
    1. Corrose's Avatar
      Corrose -
      Wow, thanks for the new comments! I need badly to update new statue and figure photos to this page, but have been busy nonstop!
    1. averone's Avatar
      averone -
      Great collection and built in display is superb
    1. jimaras2099's Avatar
      jimaras2099 -
      beautiful ....Great collection
    1. DarthMagnus's Avatar
      DarthMagnus -
      Quote Originally Posted by Corrose View Post
      Just received the last piece to finish this custom, and I'm very excited about having it in my collection. A lot of talent went into this custom, so huge thanks to these guys:

      1/6 Nomak from Blade 2

      - HS by Ones Custom
      - HS painted by SilentSurfer
      - Body and complete clothing set by Elvis1976 - weathering included

      Insane piece brother! Your collection and room are straight fire! Love the whole layout!
    1. Corrose's Avatar
      Corrose -
      A new masterpiece that is finished that will never leave the collection!

      Sometimes on customs, I don't necessarily follow the formula of "He didn't look that way in season XX".
      I wanted a Rick Grimes that was the essence of the character to me, so this is what I had put together.
      If I leave anyone out, please let me know and I'll update the post.

      Head Sculpt: WGP
      Head Sculpt: Painted by the one and only Nathan. Forearms and neck painted to match.
      Outfit: Kato
      Outfit Weathering: Elvis1976
      Holster and Revolver: Seanjob
      Boots Badge and Nametag: Entropy

      This is a really amazing combo of work from some of the best talent on these boards, and I'm thrilled each artist agreed to work on part of it for me. You guys are all top notch!

    1. EarlHickey98's Avatar
      EarlHickey98 -
      Rick Grimes looks amazing, seriously awesome!
    1. nemenforcer's Avatar
      nemenforcer -
      Nice collection but I also want to say Nice picture taking!
    1. SilentSurfer's Avatar
      SilentSurfer -
      Good to finally see it built up! Great pics!
    1. optimus's Avatar
      optimus -
      Whoa! Awesome customs, looks incredible!
    1. darthstitch's Avatar
      darthstitch -
      Great acquisitions my friend, and awesome pics!
    1. Colossus's Avatar
      Colossus -
      Excellent Update and Job on Grimes, Corrose + Pic's, Impressive Post my Friend
    1. Corrose's Avatar
      Corrose -