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  • Hot Toys - GOTG - Rocket & Groot photos by [JingoBell]

    Very fun pair of figures

    This article was originally published in forum thread: Hot Toys - GOTG - Rocket & Groot photos by [JingoBell] started by jingoBell View original post
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    1. warlock664's Avatar
      warlock664 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Gully Foyle View Post

      But where is the screaming headsculpt for Groot?
      Have you not looked at all of the pics?
    1. Razorwing's Avatar
      Razorwing -
      Awesome pics! Still unsure about Rocket's face though.
    1. Flintty's Avatar
      Flintty -
      Great photos as usual Jingo!
    1. ArtDamage's Avatar
      ArtDamage -
      wow groot looks amazing. Rocket not so much

      excellent pics though!
    1. patrickpotter's Avatar
      patrickpotter -
      looks like they improved rockets eyes, he's perfect now!
    1. PopCultKid's Avatar
      PopCultKid -
      Fantastic pic and great, great, great looking figures

      Rocket has come a long way

      He will be reinstating prima nocta
    1. Lee in MI's Avatar
      Lee in MI -
      Focking awesome shots!!!

      Love the HO or N scale train people. Prelude to Ant-Man!
    1. Carlitosway417's Avatar
      Carlitosway417 -
      Awesome can't wait til they start shipping out
    1. Kuat of Kuat's Avatar
      Kuat of Kuat -

      Love the photos. Love the figures!

      Can't wait!

      The other side of Rocket:

    1. EndoSickness's Avatar
      EndoSickness -
      I sincerely love this picture set, Jingo.
      Such livelike pictures, man.
    1. Cicada17's Avatar
      Cicada17 -
      Wow! Nice pics! I wasn't planning on getting Groot... but now I'm torn. He looks amazing!
    1. Patriot666's Avatar
      Patriot666 -
      Great pics, they made me laugh. This set looks very nice.
    1. bambooluv's Avatar
      bambooluv -
      Love the pics as usual Jingo!
    1. Wise yoda's Avatar
      Wise yoda -

    1. TD12's Avatar
      TD12 -
      love your photos man! always a treat!!!
    1. Patriot666's Avatar
      Patriot666 -
      Great Guardians pics!
    1. PolyPutty's Avatar
      PolyPutty -
      Hm... I wonder why Drax is missing. People say it's about legal issues?
    1. Medusoid's Avatar
      Medusoid -
      Quote Originally Posted by PolyPutty View Post
      Hm... I wonder why Drax is missing. People say it's about legal issues?
      Nobody knows for sure. They revealed a new sculpt a few months ago, but there's been nothing since.
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