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  • Hot Toys - Back to the Future - Marty McFly photos by [JingoBell]

    ~[[GREAT SCOTT!!]]~
    I'm waiting for "Emmett "Doc" Brown" and Time Machine
    Sorry didn't have enough time for full photo shooting

    This article was originally published in forum thread: Hot Toys - Back to the Future - Marty McFly photos by [JingoBell] started by jingoBell View original post
    Comments 21 Comments
    1. ebor's Avatar
      ebor -
      And................ here we gooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

      Great photos Jingo !!!
    1. Trash Panda's Avatar
      Trash Panda -
      I want mine
    1. preeny101's Avatar
      preeny101 -
      Yes!!!! Let the countdown begin! Awesome pics!
    1. afattori's Avatar
      afattori -
      Dead on head sculpt! This next month then Delorean!!
    1. Y4NK33 PL4N3T's Avatar
      Y4NK33 PL4N3T -
      Looks good.
    1. dms54nyc's Avatar
      dms54nyc -
      Sculpt is slightly off, still a great looking figure I'm excited to have. Can't wait. Great photos jingo!
    1. EndoSickness's Avatar
      EndoSickness -
      I donīt think that it looks good.
      He kinda got squinted eyes.
      He just looks strange and since I wanna go down more and more itīs a pass, although I love the movies.
    1. cmiller99's Avatar
      cmiller99 -
      The pics begin to flow

      Can't wait for mine to ship!
    1. ebor's Avatar
      ebor -
      This thread is not getting a lot of love/hits. I'm getting this, and it looks impressive. However, I doubt we will get any figures from this line except this and the Delorean. I want Doc, but...........
    1. meth head's Avatar
      meth head -
      Gorgeous shots! Mine ships tomorrow
    1. EarlHickey98's Avatar
      EarlHickey98 -
      Looks stellar! Very tempted to pick this up early from eBay.

      This picture shows how good the head-sculpt is, the likeness is great here.

    1. Gruson's Avatar
      Gruson -
      Looks good IMO. Wish they did more 1/4 scale
    1. jstep13's Avatar
      jstep13 -
      love everything but the face.
    1. N3M3SIS 2ALL's Avatar
      N3M3SIS 2ALL -
      Very nice.
    1. TheMasterTurtle's Avatar
      TheMasterTurtle -
      Yeah I'm not seeing the dissatisfaction with the head sculpt. I see MJF all the way - can't wait to pose this guy
    1. JefftheCollector's Avatar
      JefftheCollector -
      Looks great! An awesome grail figure to get.
    1. Jay1138's Avatar
      Jay1138 -
      I'm completely sold on this figure. Can't wait! But I like most of us would like Doc to complete the trio or Marty and time machine.
    1. shells075's Avatar
      shells075 -
      Yeah I think it looks like MJF, cant see how people are not seeing it.

      I will have to get the fig in hand until I make my mind up.
    1. jedibear's Avatar
      jedibear -
      Good gallery Jingo...thanks! Interesting use of high contrast with this set....
    1. Spartan Rex's Avatar
      Spartan Rex -
      Yeah something's off with that lower lip and chin line, the rest looks fine though.
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