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  • Beast Kingdom Dynamic 8ction Heroes

    I thought we'd take a look at some other scales that may be of interest to 1/6 collectors.

    It hasn't really been on the radar but Beast Kingdom has a 1/9th scale articulated format that has cloth costumes - here's how Beast Kingdom describes it:

    The D.A.H. series is Beast Kingdom?s first foray into the realistic, highly posable action figure market. These aren?t the typical action figures from yesteryear. With a focus on detail, durability and realism collectors from all age groups (teens and up) can enjoy the 8-inch range, whether they are posed on their included stand or played with. The wide assortment of included accessories completes the sets, which are based on some of the world?s most legendary superheroes and characters.

    They seem to have started this line as more traditional action figures - 8 inches tall, all plastic with visible articulation and costing about $60-80. They did the Justice League movie characters in this way.

    But they've recently been soliciting new characters with fabric costumes and costing $100 and more. Licenses include Pirates of the Caribbean, Nolan's Batman, World of Warcraft and others.

    Here's Toyark's coverage of many of the figures:

    Even Sideshow is carrying some of them, although you wouldn't know it from their marketing:

    Beast Kingdom DAH World of Warcraft Lich King

    Beast Kingdom DAH jack Sparrow

    Entertainment Earth has more of them for sale:

    Entertainment Earth Beast Kingdom DAH figures for sale
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    1. jimjimmyjones85's Avatar
      jimjimmyjones85 -
      If executed right and they keep the detail up, these will be a hit and on my buy list for sure. The size and price point are not horrible in today's market.