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  • Blitzway Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure 1:6 Figure Set

    Blitzway Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure 1:6 Figure Set on Sale at Sideshow - Pre-Order now

    "History is about to be rewritten by two guys who can't spell."

    Bill and Ted are two high school buddies who dream of becoming international rock stars. Their hilarious time travel adventure is depicted in the amazingly audacious comedy Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure.

    Sideshow and Blitzway present the Bill & Ted Sixth Scale Collectible Set of these two funny and charming characters, Bill and Ted. This is your chance chance to own the friendly duo in one go!

    It's like having them pop up right in front of you, with their iconic fashion and elaborate accessories. Besides, the iconic props are designed to let you reproduce a variety of wonderful scenes from the movie.

    Be excellent to each other and travel to the past through the exciting story of Bill and Ted!


    Sixth Scale Figure Set

    Hyunji Kim (Head Sculpt)
    K.A. Kim (Head Paint)
    Hai Lim (Costume Fabrication)
    Hyeok Jeong (Accessories)
    Yelim Choi (Head Paint)
    Habin Wang (Accessories)
    Kwangse Oh (Paint)
    Jungwoo Park (Paint)
    reFe Yoon (Accessories)

    The Bill & Ted Sixth Scale Collectible Set specially features:

    Highly detailed likeness of Alex Winter as Bill S. Preston Esq.
    Highly detailed likeness of Keanu Reeves as Ted "Theodore" Logan
    Newly designed and developed male body with over 30 points of articulations and flexible soft arms
    Two (2) Newly designed and developed figure stands
    Twelve (12) interchangeable hands (total for both) including:
    - Two (2) pairs of guitar hands
    - Two (2) right blow fist hands
    - Two (2) pairs of open hands
    - Two (2) right good fortune hands

    Costume for Bill:

    One (1) purple pattern shirt
    One (1) graphic t-shirts
    One (1) pair of blue jeans
    One (1) pair of pattern underpants
    One (1) pair of striped socks
    One (1) pair of canvas shoes

    Costume for Ted:

    One (1) blue jacket
    One (1) black vest
    One (1) graphic t-shirt
    One (1) pair of graphic shorts
    One (1) pair of inner training pants
    One (1) pair of striped socks
    One (1) pair of canvas shoes


    Two (2) guitars
    Six (6) bracelets
    One (1) watch
    One (1) backpack
    One (1) public phone
    One (1) CD & case
    One (1) notice poster
    One (1) fabric wall banner

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      Cicada17 -
      *air guitar
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      catacombs -
      Great duo!