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  • "ELYSIUM" Mercenary DRAKE Custom Figure by BusinessDog

    Hey guys
    Here is my next custom. Yet another character from Neill Blomkamps movie "Elysium". This is one of Kruger's South African mercenary buddies; Drake.

    I decided to go ahead with this character because I think the costume design has a really nice aesthetic to it and is quite unique. There's a lot of hidden little details in there.

    Peter The Painter once again provided the lovely head sculpt with the awesome mohawk.

    My biggest concern was building the vest as accurately as I could. It's similar to Kruger's vest, and I planned to build it the same way, but a bit more flat and simplistic. Last time when I made Kruger, my computer was away for repairs (it literally fried), and I wasn't able to print any proper reference pictures or do any planning. It was all freehand (so a little bit wobbly in some places).

    This time, I was able to map out the basic shapes and pieces of the vest, print it to scale and use as a template for when I cut the foam pieces out. I found a great reference photo of the vest from an eBay prop/costume sale!

    Once I had that all planned out, it was just a matter of building up, starting with the camo jacket, cargo pants, repainting the knee/elbow pads etc.
    The radio headset was made of bits and pieces of loose head gear, scraps of camo pattern clothing, belts (lol!) and random buckles I could find off anything that didn't need it.

    So here is the finished product, and I hope you like!

    I made up a little dystopian Earth/District 9-inspired diorama base.