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  1. What's new!

    Ok gang, I'm in deep concentration mode....doing a LOT at once, so bear with me.

    First up, ALL Jason's, Myers and Roys are in work right now, I am casting the rest of the heads as well as the remaining Ash heads and Jokers.

    The clothing I am also doing in bulk, spraying and weathering with my new faster methods. I don't expect these to take much longer, and in fact...I am aiming on having them all out by Halloween.

    The resin kits I am doing for people ...
  2. Blog number 1: A New Beginning

    No, the title doesn't mean that some new guy named Roy will come and dress like me, paint all my stuff and I'll only show up in dream sequences... :lol

    It just means I will try to keep people updated here and post pics and stuff in my custom thread.

    Ok, so...

    First up, Jokers. The Jokers are all ready and done, just waiting on the paintjobs and the socks. I'm going to try making it a habit of doing one a week so I can get these guys out to the remaining ...