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  1. selling of most of my collection early Sideshow, Cinemaquette, Enterbay, Hot toys

    Quote Originally Posted by isaiasrosas212 View Post
    Price for predator cinemaquette?

    update pics 5/30
  2. Prime 1 Spider-Man 2099 Statue

    Quote Originally Posted by peedi View Post
    Definitely interested...will Prime 1 do like XM and nail some heavy hitters while giving love to the characters sideshow has neglected in 1/4? SM2099 is an excellent choice and this looks good. Would love to put Miguel with Spidey line up.

    But depends on cost. Statues are getting out of hand compared to other expenses I'm enjoying more right now like traveling, business expenses, etc.

    Prime 1... so sideshow should have distribution for this? They do with the
  3. Christian Bale Batman Premium Format

    [QUOTE=afattori;8993422]Got notice this evening my waitlist for exclusive converted!![/QUOTE]

    Congrats man, I was hoping yours would get converted. :yess:[/QUOTE]

    Thanks for pulling for me and congratulating me. I was getting a little worried.

    Does anyone know if I will be able to use my reward points on a waitlist conversion? I have over $400 in RP.
  4. Prime 1 Studio - 1/4 Scale - 90's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    [QUOTE=ovp3664;8609646]I have the set of Sideshow TMNT Comiquette's from the mid 2000's. Not sure of the exact year.

    Curious to know what other collectors thought of these compared to what's now being released.[/QUOTE]
  5. Predator 2 Lifesize bust (Coolprops)

    [QUOTE=Predatortje;8599914]Trump will build a wall of busts! [emoji16]

    Also got my hands on a sideshow life size p1 bust, will pick it up in July in belgium :)[/QUOTE]

    Predatortje, there is one on Ebay currently for $4500 USD. Is this a realistic price for a Sideshow P1 bust these days ?

    Anybody ?????
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