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  1. 2020 - Jedibear's Sixth Scale perspective

    While we are very happy to kick 2020 to the curb, I did have some good sixth scale figure fun, despite it all.
    Here's a look at what I enjoyed last year...not so much a "Best of" list, more like a musing of what I liked through the year.

    This only features what I actually was able to get. There are a number of potentially cool figures I'm still waiting for like Cody, Solo Maul, Nebula, Qui-Gon and Lando Skiff Guard. After the various posts, pics and videos I've ...
  2. Star Wars: Episode IX - THE RISE OF SKYWALKER

    So I had an interesting conversation with a relative of mine last weekend. He is younger and grew up with the PT.. He asked how I like the last SW film and I said I liked it.. He had the reaction and complaints that most here on this thread do..

    It was funny to hear the complaints i read on this board actually verbalized.. As he is only the 2nd person I have met in my personal life that did not like the film..

    Anyways we went through the usual back and forth about the ...
  3. The strangers 1/6 scale figures progress thread

    [QUOTE=sibarry78;10134525]finally put dollface together and it looks great
    except the hair needs styling and setting
    its way too "big" right now

    once the hair is sorted im going to weather the coat but overall things are looking good[/QUOTE]
  4. The strangers 1/6 scale figures progress thread

    [QUOTE=sibarry78;10132116]now that "man in the mask" has the axe in his hands it really is beginning to look legit
    which is a point i never thought id reach with these guys lol

    i still need to weather the suit and mask and i also need to do some work on the boots but its coming together nicely
    i might have to rewatch the movie soon but cant remember if his hands were dirty? and ...
  5. The strangers 1/6 scale figures progress thread

    [QUOTE=sibarry78;10132108]got the knife and shotgun off ebay for around 20 bucks which was a steal because people are selling the terminator shotgun which is similar for 50 bucks
    the axe was from zhukovs attic and cost 2 bucks

    i will eventually replace them im sure especially the axe and knife but for now they do the job
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