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  1. The strangers 1/6 scale figures progress thread

    [QUOTE=sibarry78;10132116]now that "man in the mask" has the axe in his hands it really is beginning to look legit
    which is a point i never thought id reach with these guys lol

    i still need to weather the suit and mask and i also need to do some work on the boots but its coming together nicely
    i might have to rewatch the movie soon but cant remember if his hands were dirty? and ...
  2. The strangers 1/6 scale figures progress thread

    [QUOTE=sibarry78;10132108]got the knife and shotgun off ebay for around 20 bucks which was a steal because people are selling the terminator shotgun which is similar for 50 bucks
    the axe was from zhukovs attic and cost 2 bucks

    i will eventually replace them im sure especially the axe and knife but for now they do the job
  3. The strangers 1/6 scale figures progress thread

    [QUOTE=sibarry78;10128121]thanks guys
    so i looked everywhere for a tie similar to the one worn in the movie and couldnt find any material that would do it justice
    so decided to try and create the actual pattern
    i took a piece of the tie from a photo from the movie and stitched the small segment together over and over in photoshop until i had essentially a "to scale" sheet of the pattern
    [img]https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/48040218798_f208e18df3_z.jpg[/img] ...
  4. The strangers 1/6 scale figures progress thread

    [QUOTE=sibarry78;10126658]geewhiz clothing was just too expensive to keep using and they wanted me to literally separate the black dots from the orange and make two different files
    so i had to find an alternative
    thats when i met Pam from pamSD custom clothing she normally works on dolls and make elaborate dresses and fancy clothing for collectible dolls
    but fancied the challenge of doing something different and she nailed it
    i wish id met her sooner as i would have got ...
  5. The strangers 1/6 scale figures progress thread

    [QUOTE=sibarry78;10126651]geewhiz also made the suit for man in the mask
    they got the colour exactly how i wanted it
    normally this material is used for jedi cloaks and stuff so its pretty thick so im going to have to work on it the get some flex and hang right
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