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  1. The strangers 1/6 scale figures progress thread

    [QUOTE=sibarry78;10126658]geewhiz clothing was just too expensive to keep using and they wanted me to literally separate the black dots from the orange and make two different files
    so i had to find an alternative
    thats when i met Pam from pamSD custom clothing she normally works on dolls and make elaborate dresses and fancy clothing for collectible dolls
    but fancied the challenge of doing something different and she nailed it
    i wish id met her sooner as i would have got ...
  2. The strangers 1/6 scale figures progress thread

    [QUOTE=sibarry78;10126651]geewhiz also made the suit for man in the mask
    they got the colour exactly how i wanted it
    normally this material is used for jedi cloaks and stuff so its pretty thick so im going to have to work on it the get some flex and hang right
  3. The strangers 1/6 scale figures progress thread

    [QUOTE=sibarry78;10126647]geewhiz clothing came through with dollface crop top, jacket, and black jeans
  4. The strangers 1:6 scale figures progress thread

    [QUOTE=sibarry78;10126638]hey guys wanted to start a little thread so you guys can see how my project is going and hopefully i get a good "ULTIMATE GRAIL" set made

    first a little background on this project
    this project started 2 years ago when i wanted to put together a set of figures of one of my favorite horror movies of recent time
    it didnt start well as most of the sculptors and artists id heard about just were not interested in taking it on
    however ...
  5. FS Sideshow Premium Format

    Quote Originally Posted by izeroi View Post
    Purchased a Sideshow Skaar from him about a year back or so. Easy seller to do business with.
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