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  1. Luis138's Avatar
    It could have been worse, he could have made her eat an iPad! Drumroll please.
  2. Hydeous's Avatar
    Any progress so far?
  3. Devil_666's Avatar
    So is that like.. iBattery?
  4. Batman79's Avatar
    Thats awesome! LOL
  5. Darth Waller's Avatar
    I'd buy that for a dollar!
  6. devlinboy's Avatar
    id hit it!!! x2
  7. devilof76's Avatar
  8. Star Puffs's Avatar
    A genuine LOL. Great post.
  9. Scar's Avatar
    This is perhaps the coolest photo spread I have ever seen. This gets the Scar seal of approval. Ballin'.
  10. jimjimmyjones85's Avatar
    Great shots. Is this also in the print version ? I want one for sure.
  11. -jay-'s Avatar
    They make a cute couple don't they?
  12. Kuzeh's Avatar
    This is beyond amazing!!!
    Just by having The Count = Win!!!
  13. Entropy's Avatar
    Killer posts, Mike. Thanks for the laughs + TnA.
  14. Commtech's Avatar
    LOL! Awesome! Thanks for posting those.
  15. Silent December's Avatar
    that's classic lol
  16. creecher's Avatar
    WTF!!! Spiderman is a god I tell you. A god.