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  • galactiboy

    Sideshow Collectibles Deluxe R2-D2 (Exclusive) A long time ago when Sideshow first got the 1/6 Star Wars license there was much rejoicing… but then the dark times came and it seemed we might never see a single droid or non-human. In the meantime Medicom released not one, but two versions of R2 and C-3PO. Sadly the Medicom sets were expensive, out of scale with other 1/6 figures and most painfully out of scale with one another. Tamashii has also released an excellent C-3PO, but with a $400 price tag and plans for R2 on hold he didn’t exactly set sales records. Then a couple years ago
    Review Hot Toys MMS231 Thor: The Dark World- Loki Marvel has been on a roll… I never expected to see so many great comic-based films in such a short period. And it seems the only thing “Marvel” we get more of than films is 1/6 figures from Hot Toys. One of the cornerstones of Marvel’s new films is Thor and for his second stand-alone film, The Dark World, there were 2 new figures of Thor (yep, two) bringing him to a total of 4 versions and the figure reviewed here, Loki, getting his second crack at 1/6 glory.
    Sideshow Collectibles Storm Shadow Assassin (exclusive) GI-Joe is about as iconic as it you can get when it come to 80’s cartoons, toys and comics. As a 1/6 collector it was painful seeing the toyish 12 offerings from Hasbro while other licenses were getting great figures from Sideshow, Hot Toys and others. But 6 years ago (yeah really, it’s been 6 years) Sideshow acquired the license to make 1/6 GI Joe figures. And now the line is far enough along that we’re getting
    SSF 2014 Spring Custom/Kitbash Figure Challenge! Re-Imagining! The people have spoken and the theme for the first custom/kitbash figure challenge of 2014 is Re-Imagining of a Character!!! It's a pretty broad category, so really any genre or character is fair game, you
    Hot Toys MMS220 The Wolverine The 2 Wolverine movies have received mixed reviews and not all 3 of the original X-Men movies were well loved (*cough cough* Last Stand), but there is no denying Hugh Jackman is excellent in the role of Wolverine. I have a feeling when everything gets another reboot in 10 or so years, fans will lament how no one could ever replace him as Wolverine. But who knows, maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll stay on as “old man Logan”.