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Thread: JOKER 2.0

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    Default JOKER 2.0

    Dx11 = joker 2.0 coming soon ? confirm by Howard Chan

    From FACEBOOK:

    Interview of Howard Chan by Mark for One Sixth Republic :

    Q: For this year's 2012 Ani-Com, SDCC, and other toy fairs, will you be releasing any exclusive items fans should look out for?

    A. Yes, we will have exclusive figures again this ye...ar for Ani-Com 2012. Not sure how to buy them yet but most likely will do it online and there shall be no queuing.
    For overseas collectors, we are still planning.

    Q: Any update on the new Bruce Lee figure of Arnie Kim? Is it still ongoing?

    A:. Currently we will not produce any Bruce Lee figure because of the license, although there is already a current prototype head sculpt made by Arnie Kim. But who knows, license rights are not permanent, maybe one day, HT will do Bruce Lee again.

    Q: Do you have any plans on making "Back to the Future" figures?

    A. Exclusive news for OSR: Yes, we have acquired the license of the Back to the Future and also got the approval of Michael J. Fox. We will also make the DeLorean vehicle. More announcements will be coming soon.

    Q: Last year's 2011 Ani-Com, I saw a picture released of Joker 2.0, any words on Joker 2.0 you can share to the fans?

    A. It is ready and soon to be released. Further announcement is coming soon.

    Q: I saw Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal figure on your workplace, will it also be released?

    A: Yes.

    Q: Why the delay on the 1/6 Scale Light-Up Function Vehicle: Tron: Legacy - Light Cycle & Sam Flynn?

    A: There is a complication on the electricity of the cycle. We are working hard on it and it will be ready soon.

    Q: Fans are also very excited to see the final prototype of DC franchise (Green Lantern & Batman Returns) and Marvel franchise (X-Men First Class & The Amazing Spiderman), any updates on these figures?

    A: Green Lantern - Confirmed that this will be cancelled. The reason is that it is too hard to do the lighting on the figure’s body as in the movie today. The project is now on hold, license is still there but on hold.

    Batman Returns - Yes hopefully, the Batman and Penguin figure will be announced this year around December.

    X-Men First Class – Project is still in progress and will come up soon. The first figure will be Professor X.The Amazing Spiderman - We have got the license and will be in the plan also. We have many Marvel figures line-up for this year.

    Q. Since you have a lot of Marvel figures line-up this year, do you also have DC figures coming soon?

    A: Yes, in fact we have acquired the license of the new Superman movie which will be coming soon.

    Q: Some fans are disappointed about the Reissuing of previously done figures. Any comments about that?

    A: Because there are new design and better technology improvement these days, and we would like to provide the best to fans, so that it is better to have a newer version with better head sculpt and design.

    Q: Any message you want to share for your fans around the world?

    A: We are not only a company which works for money but rather, we try our best on giving good figures for everybody. Some people may think we are lazy because of delays of releasing some figures but we are not, we always want to keep the quality and we prioritize on making excellent products.

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    They'll show it when Enterbay shows theirs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boba Ben View Post
    They'll show it when Enterbay shows theirs.
    Oh God I hope so

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    Wait.....what? I mean, WHAT??!!! Is there another MM DX version of The Dark Knight Joker coming??

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    Quote Originally Posted by dxdave View Post
    Wait.....what? I mean, WHAT??!!! Is there another MM DX version of The Dark Knight Joker coming??
    That would be correct.

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    What is this? Is this a movie. Ersion joker?

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    Quote Originally Posted by comicbookguy View Post
    What is this? Is this a movie. Ersion joker?
    "They thought he was dead, that Ledger's Joker could never return, so to make a quick buck we dug him up, embedded cybernetic implants to get him moving and licking his lips, and now this summer he's back"...

    Joker 2.0: the Final insult

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    Quote Originally Posted by dxdave View Post
    Wait.....what? I mean, WHAT??!!! Is there another MM DX version of The Dark Knight Joker coming??
    pretty much

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    i'm so curious why they are making 2.0

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