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Thread: Klaatu and Gort

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    Default Klaatu and Gort

    1/4 scale statues from the original classic, "The Day the Earth Stood Still."

    I haven't seen anything authentic looking yet. The Amok Time figure (2008) and the Rocket USA statue (2006) are kinda ok but not very accurately sculpted. Such an simple shape and no one's got it right yet!
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    Problem with Gort sculpts is that there are distinct and different looks to the character throughout the film. Part of the time its a 7 foot guy in a rubber suit, other times its a static fiberglass statue. I happen to see the Amoktime Gort figure as it was being sculpted. The reference material illustrated the differences very clearly. The approach being made on that piece was to have the stiffness and smoothness of the static prop with the proportions to honor the fact that it was a guy in a rubber suit. That may not be everyone's cup of tea. I own that set and like it very much. Not sure a 1/4 scale set of these characters would be popluar enough to warrent a 1/4 scale release. It would probably be quite expensive as Gort at 1/4 scale would be around 24 inches tall.

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