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    Default Re: Alamo Drafthouse Posters

    Quote Originally Posted by ink View Post
    With the prints they've done over the last year plus, I guess so
    I feel like there is so much rehashing lately and the art on the prints haven't been great minus a couple. To me it's starting to feel more like just straight up "fan-art" than actual licensed releases. I also feel like it's getting so tiring trying to get a print. I work a 9-5 so I'm working when they go up and I can't sit at my desk F5'ing it for an hour.

    That being said the Mad Max stuff coming this week looks cool.

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    It does but I am not thrilled for it. May have been nice to have one for each movie.

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    Buckeye Nation MODERATOR
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    What's Mondo trying to do with this toy line? The TMNT toy looks bad

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    Super Freak
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    Looks like poo

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