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    Default Re: Kuma Style's Photography

    The Review for Sen-ti-nel's 4inch-nel Ryoma Nagare is up![/B] Toy Review: Sentinel 4inch-nel Ryoma Nagare (Armageddon) - Kuma Style

    Video sums up my thoughts pretty well. It's a great figure that's SO good that I wish it was a larger scale. A few pics from the gallery section:

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    Great work man!

    Ltd. Edition Prints: onesixshooter.com

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    Quote Originally Posted by Comatoast View Post
    Great work man!

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    Got the full review and galla for Iron Factory's IF EX20R Tyrant's Wings (Red) up: http://kumastyledesigns.com/iron-factory-ex20r-review/

    This thing is just sick. I love the articulation and the accessories work so well. First time I've really found myself actually using everything in the box on one of these pretty frequently. Here are some pics from the gallery:

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    The full Review for Sen-ti-nel's 4inch-nel Jin Hayato, Tomoe Musashi, and Kuruma Benkei 3-pack is up: http://kumastyledesigns.com/sentinel-hayato-review/

    Some pics from the galla section:

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    The full Review and gallery for Sen-ti-nel's Dancouga and it's Real-Type Color Variant are also up (Be advised that the gallery is rather large at 75 pictures http://kumastyledesigns.com/sentinel-dancouga-reivew/

    Here are some pictures from the galla section:

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    Got the full Review for Generation Toy GT-3 EX OP (OP.EX) up: http://kumastyledesigns.com/generation-toy-gt3-review/

    Overall it's a solid piece, and it was nice to continually find little gimmicks and nuances I dug about it even as I reviewed it. Here are a few pics from the gallery (Full galla is over 30 pics and includes both white and stylized backgrounds

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    The full review for Sen-ti-nel's Eagle Fighter is up: http://kumastyledesigns.com/sentinel...ighter-review/

    The video portion sums up a lot of my thoughts; in fact, reviewing it actually made me think more highly of it than I did really getting to play with it in-depth, but it's still no where near worth the price. Here's a few pics from the galla portion:

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