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    Default Re: New Artist - TMNT - Leonardo polymer clay sculpt

    Awesome !!!....I will waiting to see your all 4

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    You're new to sculpting? You have some real natural talent there! Great work!

    If you worked full time on it, I could see you becoming exceptionally good. It might be worth sending to some of the companies who make these items to see if they'd take you on and train you.

    I think the body sculpt is excellent. I love the head in particular. The shoulder and arm pads look too hand made to me. But that's very hard to do without getting some manufactured pieces. The base tarmac doesn't looks too cartoony to me and the man hole (if it's supposed to be one) is too small for him to fit down.

    But again. We're talking fussy here. For one guy starting out this is exceptionally good work! Plus you need to bear in mind that usually several artists will work on one figure. You've done this all on your own! Well done and keep it up!

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    Looks Sick Man! Awesome work Bro!

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    This looks pretty damn fine to me. mind you i have not seen the movie, but from a plain artistic view, it is nicely done

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    Nice work

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