View Full Version : QMx Warehouse 13 Farnsworth

Darklord Dave
01-26-2011, 11:32 PM
I know there are some Warehouse 13 fans on here, there's a thread in Movies/TV, so I'm surprised there's not already a thread about QMx doing the props from the show.

QMx are doing these props right and have had unprecedented access to the original screen-used props to get all the measurements, materials and colors right.

There are only 100 of this Season 1 Farnsworth, but there are other seasons and other styles (please release Claudia's!) which I'm sure will be forthcoming.

Considering this is $300 and has no lights or sounds I dread to see what the Tesla is going to cost. (But I'll buy it anyway).

Love the wood crate it comes in.



Weathered and everything.



You can _____ and moan about the price - QMx has decided to go the "Artisan" route with many of their prop replicas and the made in the USA label costs a bit extra rather than something mass produced in China. Look at the Roddenberry Star Trek items and see what others are charging for this type of prop replica. I'm not saying that it's well worth the money - but it does look fantastic and a really cool prop from a show I really like.

Now how to get my old iphone inside and functional...