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08-27-2010, 12:49 PM
Best Kept Secret at Alter Ego Comics

Are you familiar with the Alter Ego Customer Reward Points program? We were one of the first retail collectible sites to offer a program like this and we think it's our best kept secret, (we really don't keep it secret, though).

Simply set up a username and password at Alter Ego Comics and make sure to login in before placing an order. When all of the items in your order have shipped, and your order status is "complete," you'll earn 2% of your product purchase back as Reward Points that can be redeemed on future orders with us, with one point equaling one dollar.

Your available points will be displayed in your shopping cart after adding an item to your cart.

Unlike some sites, there are no restrictions on what you can use your points on: pre-orders, in stock items and new releases. But, you cannot use points on orders that are already in our system.

You do need to have at least $50 worth of products on each order to earn points and you MUST be logged in to your account to earn points and see your points balance.

So setup an account with Alter Ego Comics and earn free and reduced priced stuff all year long!

If you have any questions about the Reward Points program, just email or call us.

Now Available to Pre-Order:

Bruce Lee Enter the Dragon 12 Inch Figure (http://www.alteregocomics.com/Bruce-Lee-Enter-the-Dragon-12-Inch-Figure.html)
Commander Cody 12 Inch Figure (http://www.alteregocomics.com/Commander-Cody-12-Inch-Figure.html)
Falconer Predator 12 Inch Figure (http://www.alteregocomics.com/Falconer-Predator-12-Inch-Figure.html)
Kabuki Mixed Media Statue (http://www.alteregocomics.com/Kabuki-Mixed-Media-Statue.html)
Platoon Chris Taylor 12 Inch Figure (http://www.alteregocomics.com/Platoon-Chris-Taylor-12-Inch-Figure.html)
Predators Royce 12 Inch Figure (http://www.alteregocomics.com/Predators-Royce-12-Inch-Figure.html)
Rhino Legendary Scale Bust (http://www.alteregocomics.com/Rhino-Legendary-Scale-Bust.html)
Star Wars Fall of the Empire - Ewoks vs Stormtrooper Diorama (http://www.alteregocomics.com/Fall-of-the-Empire-Ewoks-vs-Stormtrooper-Diorama.html)
Terminator T-800 Life Size Statue (http://www.alteregocomics.com/T-800-Endoskeleton-Life-Size-Statue-Version-2-0.html)
Thundercats Lion-O Mixed Media Statue (http://www.alteregocomics.com/Thundercats-Lion-O-Mixed-Media-Statue.html)
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Optimus Prime Maquette (http://www.alteregocomics.com/Transformers-Revenge-of-the-Fallen-Optimus-Prime-Maquette.html)

New Arrivals:

Chernabog Maquette
Darth Talon Premium Format Figure
GI Joe Firefly 12 Inch Figure
Gunn 4 Hire Tyrus 12 Inch Figure
Hulk Life Size Bust
Inglorious Basterds Lt. Aldo Raine 12 Inch Figure
Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight Premium Format Figure
Mola Ram Premium Format Figure
Sabretooth Premium Format Figure
TMNT Michelangelo Comiquette
Tony Stark Mech Test Version 12 Inch Figure

Coming Soon:

Arriving the week of August 30th:
Clash of the Titans Perseus 12 Inch Figure
Iron Man Whiplash 12 Inch Figure
Star Wars Emperor Palpatine 12 Inch Figure

Shipping within 30 days:
Bullseye Comiquette
Dinosauria Protoceratops vs Velociraptor Diorama
Green Lantern Honor Guard Ring Replica
Iron Man Black Widow 12 Inch Figure
Iron Man Mark VI Bust
Iron Man War Machine Bust
Jason Voorhees Terror of Crystal Lake Statue
LOTR Gandalf the Grey Premium Format Figure
Resident Evil Jill Valentine 12 Inch Figure
Star Wars 501st Clone Trooper 12 Inch Figure
Terminator 2 T-1000 12 Inch Figure

08-27-2010, 06:35 PM
Hi Marc, pre-ordered both Falconer & Berserker Preds. Can't wait. Rewards sound great & your prices are the best.

08-31-2010, 09:40 AM
AE is awesome! Cant wait for my T1000!:panic:

08-31-2010, 04:12 PM
marc is that t1000 date accurate or just the estimated time?