View Full Version : Sideshow Captain America Exc PF shield

08-22-2010, 04:27 PM

this is just for the shield & arm that's in the photos. would really come in handy if yours gets damaged! the whole reason i have this is because the magnets on mine pulled loose and it fell off!

We collectors have seen it happen before. A cherished statue falls, is knocked over, the dog eats it, small earthquake, you're packing it up for that big move, ect. Or as i've seen happen with these magnet reliant pieces, the magnet holding that irreplaceable EXCLUSIVE part pulls loose and allows it to fall to the floor (has happened to me. it's why i have this extra in the first place.)!! Or aliens set off an EMP over your house, reversing the polarity of your magnets within. Don't let this be you. be prepared!

A prized and precious piece in our collection gets damaged and we wish we could just replace the damaged part. Well now you can!! don't wait for your $1000+ Cap to have it's shield broken. Get a backup for it NOW! Don't miss this unique & rare opportunity to have a backup for when the worst happens...those magnets come unglued.

Also makes a terrific wall hanging!

Tape it to your chihuahua to shield it from flying debris! (the EMP aliens remember)

Use it to lure women back to your place to see your Cap "etchings".