View Full Version : Need help dealing with lightbulb theives...

01-05-2005, 01:49 AM
Help! The lightbulbs in the fixtures on the outside of my house have been repeatedly stolen... The stupid theives started with the lights on the sides of my garage and have now become "brave" enough to take the ones next to my front door. Aside from being annoyed, I am now thoroughly creeped out by knowing they have come so close to my front door... and I was probably home at the time. :bang :bang :bang

I have decided to replace them one more time, but now I have covered them in vaseline - maybe they'll be too slimy to steal again, or maybe the theives will just get disgusted and go away. The next step may be a webcam. :007

Do any of you have any suggestions for me? :help :help

01-05-2005, 01:55 AM
Tie a Pit-Bull up on your front porch. Barring that, a motion sensor which turns the lights on when someone approaches your porch may work.

01-05-2005, 02:09 AM
Mmmmmm... a new puppy? Aaaaawwwwww.....

I have thought about motion sensors, enclosed fixtures, webcams.... all of which requrie $ that is better spent on polystone. I was hoping for ingenious MacGuyver tricks...

Maybe if I put a few pubic hairs on the vaseline.... :mwaha

01-05-2005, 02:45 AM

01-05-2005, 07:41 AM
How about adding small pieces of broken glass to that vaseline???

Smaugs Fury
01-05-2005, 08:24 AM
Thieves that are stealing lighting sources outside of the house may be setting it up for a break in...

cover of darkness, they can enter easier without being seen...

01-05-2005, 11:29 AM
I like the broken glass theory. Are the tall enough that need a ladder, or can the just stand and grab it. I gave this adive once beofre for thieves, I stand by it.

1 Frayed electric cord and one leaky outside hose bib. Promblem solved ~ :P

I will ask around I would think there should be an ez way to offer a quick "jolt" that would kill but sting like an sob... speaking of that anyway to hid rat traps around the housing of the lights or right were they step...

01-05-2005, 02:58 PM
How about some homemade Caltrops? Just make sure you pick them all up before you mow the lawn. :rolleyes

Smaugs Fury
01-05-2005, 04:24 PM
If anyone thinks that creating a trap, or device to injure someone is a good idea...think again.

You are setting yourself up for one case-closed liability lawsuit should anyone, thief included, is injured in anyway. Not only civil suits, but you would likely also be arrested for criminal charges. Seriously.

Not worth it at all to try, but funny to imagine...

01-05-2005, 06:29 PM
Hmmmm... Good point Smaug.

However, rat traps would only sting a foot walking by, but are really loud. Loud enough to attract attention, especially if there's a lot of 'em. And they're cheap!

01-05-2005, 07:12 PM
Not a useful idea, but if you could rig up a fake light bulb, that acts as a stopper for a water bottle.

Disconnect the wiring and make it safe. The water bottle would be out of sight, in the eve or ceiling. When they pull out the bulb they get drenched. So sue me, you annoying little drips. :p

01-05-2005, 11:19 PM
Thanks for the input everyone...

BDR - the lights are easily reached by me, and I stand at a towering five feet even.

Sam/Liz - I think the mousetraps are a great idea; if only I were home more often to hear them.

Creecher - The water's good, too, especially since it's so freaking cold here and we just got about a foot of snow.

Smaug - You're totally right; I don't want to hurt anyone, especially a theif who is probably just some stupid kid on Christmas break from school.

I have called the cops to let them know this is happening, and they told me serveral things. One, people sometimes smoke crack out of lightbulbs, two, I may be being cased for a break-in, and three, teenagers get bored in small towns like mine (duh!). I tell you, it was several moments of true revelations.... ahem.

Anyway, thanks again for the comments, and I think I will be buying a motion-sensor light to affix high upon my humble domicile... :balrog

edit: Screamingmetal - I had to look up the word "caltrops" - I'm ignorant no longer.... and what a dirty, dirty trick. I like it, but probably won't use it, as I'll most likely forget they're there and let the poor postman step on them. :evil

01-07-2005, 08:53 AM
Just some advice but I have had family and friends who have lived through the breakin/forced entry in to their homes. I'll tell you the only thing that saved them was very quick thinking and not freezing up with fear. Try to keep a level head and dont be afraid to sieze a oppurtunity when it presents itself. If that is the objective of the lightbulb theives.

Lembas Eater
01-09-2005, 03:08 PM
I will stand on your porch with a baseball bat and my Witchking sword for a nominal fee!<img border=0 src="http://home.earthlink.net/~dstephan/gifs/viking.gif" />

01-12-2005, 10:13 PM
Hell Yeah LE :thwak

Thats great that the cops believe it could just be crackheads hanging on your porch stealing lights. Feeling change quick hurt the sob ~ lol

With all the freezing weather what about a hose on the steps around the lights, nice and slick

B Electronic
01-15-2005, 05:59 AM
If you'd be willing to pay my plane ticket, I'll go sit outside your door at night with a baseball bat and smack the gobb out of anyone who even comes close to your picket fence.

LoL, anyway the pubic hair thing sounds revolting enough, but what if someone steals that? Then you'll really be creeped out! Maybe you can put some voltage on the thing so people get a 'shock' out of it...?