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09-08-2005, 06:13 PM
This is a car advertisement from somewhere. When they finished filming the ad, the people who made it noticed something moving along the side of the car, like a ghostly white mist, they also heard weird noises. The ad was never put on TV because the unexplained ghostly phenomenon frightened the production team out of their wits. Watch it and about halfway look and you will see the white mist crossing in front of the car then following it along the road and you will hear the weird noises. . . spooky!

media.skoopy.com/vids/vid_00208.wmv (http://media.skoopy.com/vids/vid_00208.wmv)

Bodie The Cursed
09-08-2005, 07:20 PM

09-08-2005, 10:06 PM
Oh I hate you for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :google :x :bang2

09-08-2005, 10:20 PM
why... i told you it was scary... hehe

09-09-2005, 12:46 AM
I'm with Bodie - Bastard! :lol

Winged Shadows
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Nemo Nint
09-09-2005, 06:56 AM
Hmmm ... stupid nerves.

09-09-2005, 07:04 AM
gave me heart attack:lol

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Cracked up everyone I showed in the office.

Very Funny!, Nice one L4P :rock

09-09-2005, 03:17 PM
Just as long as it doesn't cost you your job! :google

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Cracked up everyone I showed in the office.

Very Funny!, Nice one L4P :rock

Welcome Rich! Nice way to stir things up on a Friday hehe

Winged Shadows
09-09-2005, 03:35 PM

woah... that was a bit unexpected.

09-09-2005, 04:13 PM
What Bodie said! :horror :thwak :D

09-09-2005, 04:36 PM
That was SO not nice! :stooge :nono

But I laughed after I managed to get my heart back down my throat and into my chest where it belongs... :redblob :mwaha

Mutant Enemy
09-09-2005, 06:33 PM
He, He, He, good one.

09-09-2005, 06:39 PM
He, He, He, good one.

hehehe.. thanks Matt! BTW.. what's next? Just a symbol? :p

Mutant Enemy
09-09-2005, 07:50 PM

Everyone thought I was from Hong Kong.
He he