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Bob Morton
07-11-2015, 04:31 PM
Hi - while I have many marvel and DC statues I do not have any from dragon ball. Wanted to start up a collection with Goku, Vegetta, Frieza. What company makes good statues in 1/6 or smaller of these guys? Thanks for helping a noob.

07-11-2015, 05:44 PM
The Bandai Figuarts Zero Line is pretty awesome.

Lucid Enigma
07-11-2015, 07:20 PM
VKH. They aren't licensed but I think you'll be pretty impressed. This is the one I got only a few days ago...


07-12-2015, 04:25 AM
VKH as mentioned above as well as MRC. I may be mistaken to think that these two are different studios. Then there's dfungshing who pretty much offers recasts of the products from the aforementioned studios.

If you aren't too concerned about the scale then Figuarts Zero/EX are good alternatives. Else you could for Tsume Art's first DBZ release later this year.

Bob Morton
07-12-2015, 07:43 PM
Thanks! Has there been any pictures of the tsume DBZ statue yet? Did they mention which scale? Cheers

07-14-2015, 04:45 AM
Thanks! Has there been any pictures of the tsume DBZ statue yet? Did they mention which scale? Cheers

Nothing yet for the Tsume stuff. Expect to see it at their Fanday event in September. Scale will probably 1/6 or 1/7.

I can't recommend VKH stuff enough, you can find him on ebay as BJ_lover but get on his e-mail list as stuff is cheaper.

07-14-2015, 08:26 AM
Another vote for VKH. Kenneth's stuff is top notch and then some. I was a bit iffy at first, but man is it awesome. Working on my second piece from him.


07-14-2015, 10:54 PM
I don't know who sculpted this one but I bought it last year on ebay. This is an amazing sculpt of SS3 Goku. Paint job was superb, matched the one in the image.


07-23-2015, 07:01 PM
Depending of what size statue you want, you should start first with Banpresto Colosseum and then move on to Resin.