View Full Version : Gentle Giant Walking Dead Daryl Dixon mini-bust review

Michael Crawford
03-11-2014, 06:04 PM
The Walking Dead has been a bit hit or miss since the return, which seems to mirror the Gentle Giant bust releases. Fortunately, the latest - and likely most popular - is more hit than miss: Daryl Dixon. I have some issues with the likeness, but overall it's solid work. You can find my review at the usual:


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03-13-2014, 09:06 PM
I think the biggest problem with the bust, and all Daryl figures in general, is that the facial hair is too thick. His is really light and scraggly. Its not an easy thing to pull off with sculpt and paint. It just needs the faintest of sculpt definition with the lightest bit of dry brushing to even come close to the actual look. They made it way to pronounced and he looks like a PotC extra rather than Daryl. The new McFarlane (that Norman was talking about with Fallon) has the same issue with the facial hair. The sculpt surprisingly isn't that great either (for a scanned head, I mean look at Merle after all), but I think had the mustache at least been painted much, much fainter, he would have looked much better. He really only has a visible goatee with the faintest shading of his upper lip for a mustache. Sure its there, but its nowhere near as dark and defined as most of the products end up making it. And facial hair really changes how a guy looks. I mean look how different Bryan Cranston looks in BrBa compared to anything else he's done (granted the shaved head adds to that too).