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BOBA FETT MYTHOS review by automaton

From a Certain Point of View...

What does a Mandalorian call the trio of lightsabers that put a scratch on his armor?

An even trade.

The Empire Strikes Back is my favorite film of all time. I am not claiming that it is a better film than the original Star Wars, but having it surpass the three years of expectation I had invested, I am closer to it than to the original. I have been chasing this dragon ever since, but have found there is no high like the first. Star Wars has proven an undependable franchise. One has had to settle for brilliance in doses. When I first read about Sideshow's Star Wars Mythos line I was cautiously intrigued. I am all for artist interpretation, but after years of a lacklustre Expanded Universe, I wasn't ready for more disappointment. The saga has given us some of the most iconic characters in cinematic history, yet so often they are not done justice outside of the films (or at times even within the films, but that is a different review). When the Mythos line was revealed at SDCC, my optimism ramped into exuberance. This is the type of storytelling that I could get behind.

The Mythos Boba Fett accomplishes exactly what should be expected of any piece of art - it inspires one's imagination. It provides a depiction of the character that is open for interpretation. It brings back the mystery. With this piece, Fett's story isn't being told, it is begging to be told.

Sideshow has noticeably levelled up the packaging with the Mythos line. Personally, I recycle, but admittedly I hesitated when reaching for the box cutter. The Certificate of Authenticity, with its beautiful conceptual artwork easily saves itself from being packed away. With my history of discarding clutter, I am already in new territory. The Polystone components within are securely packed and nicely organized making set up quite effortless. Once assembled the piece evokes majesty. It incorporates everything I appreciate about the character and expands on it.

The grit of the Original Trilogy has been honored. A sense of destination has been captured with the beautifully textured base. The grains of sand covering the foundation have found their way into every fold of the mercenary's clothing. There have been no green screens within this hunter's travels. Fett's uniform is a clear testimony to the toil he has both caused and endured. The armor's paint has been forcibly removed in areas revealing its iron core. The sculpted fabric is tattered and drapes naturally serving as the perfect backdrop for the arsenal. Fett's Blas Tech EE-3 Rifle is accounted for but dwarfed by the firepower held in his left hand - what appears to be a modified weapon from the days of the Republic. It is a nice bridge in continuity. Sideshow has included a small pistol-like gun with a shoulder rest as an alternative to the rifle, and while it may not look like much by comparison, it has a lineage dating back to the preproduction of The Empire Strikes Back. It is the subtle touches such as this that leave the statue without a lesser angle.

With the trio of meticulously crafted lightsabers hanging nonchalantly from his belt, the knife strapped to his right calf and the ever present Wookie braids, one could literally pose Fett backwards and feel justified in doing so. The statue commands attention and assures that there is still very much to learn about the man under the helmet. The maquette's posturing is undeniable. The familiar angle of his helmet would make Jeremy Bulloch proud. Both the paint and the sculpting are superb. Upon close examination, I am in awe of the details, from the soles of his boots to the holes in his kama, Sideshow hasn't missed a step. Fett's holstered pistol is in nice contrast to the hefty shoulder rifle that shades it. The helmet includes a moveable rangefinder and the second nod to the character's preproduction days - painted Jaig Eyes. The reference to the character's heritage is an appreciated touch. The well weathered jet pack completes the piece adding to the iconic silhouette.

Wikipedia states that the Sideshow Mythos line is "non-canon", yet this piece is more exemplary of the Bounty Hunter than anything I have seen within the Expanded Universe. The balance struck by not telling too much of a story while utilizing provoking elements is spot on. Boba Fett is seen from a point of view not yet represented within my collection. If there was anything negative to report, the scope of the Blas Tech has a slight curve to it. It is very minor and does not detract from the piece in the slightest. The true downside would be the fact that this piece has me rethinking my collection. My thoughts are not yet crossed with possible future releases as I am burdened with what I have already missed. The Mythos line sets a new bar and with it, we all become part of the process.










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