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10-16-2012, 05:09 AM
Try out some car polish with some good microfiber cloths, I am turning acrylic into glass right now, make sure you read the back to make sure the polish is ok with plastics.

use 2 rags, apply the polish to one rag and rub it in, do not apply it directly to the acrylic, and use another 'dry' rag to remove the excess and polish it some more.

Amazing results, just make sure to leave the case open with a fan going through it for about an hour afterwards to get all the polish gas out, this also works great on glass and mirrors too.


10-16-2012, 09:22 AM
car polish?

interesting. I've been looking for a cleaner for my cases. thanks for the tip.

Just out of curiosity, what brand of car polish did you just Darth?

10-16-2012, 01:02 PM
I am not sure what acrylic you are using but some of them have the properties to filter UV and I am not sure if it's build into the material itself or a coating but if it was a coating I would avoid using polish or even too harsh of a cleaner like windex. Looking at your setup though you don't seem to have to worry about sunlight :P

10-16-2012, 02:01 PM
Try this......http://www.greatdisplaycases.com/product/BRIL8oz

10-16-2012, 02:04 PM
heh I avoid sunlight like the plague so not really an issue, def avoid windex even says on the back do not use it on plastics, I suspect it will be too harsh and turn the plastic a milky haze like methylated spirits. as for the polish i used " Polyglaze, diamond finish polish "

If your unsure just try a little bit on one of your cases, but anyway if it says its ok with plastics then just go for it, used to be a sign writer and thats how we cleaned all our acrylic signs anyway, there is specific acrylic cleaners but they are harder to find.

10-20-2012, 09:27 PM
I use deionised water and isopropyl alcohol (in equal amounts) on a microfiber cloth. For light scratches I use polywatch.

10-31-2012, 11:02 AM
Brillianize is the best!