View Full Version : Canadians avoid paying brokerage fee from UPS (should be the same for Fedex)

10-09-2012, 11:00 AM
Avoid the UPS Canadian Brokerage Fee: My Story (http://avoidbrokeragefee.blogspot.ca/)

For fellow Canadians. If you need to purchase something from the US and the seller shipping company is either UPS or Fedex. As you all know they both charge outrages brokerage fee but the fact is you can avoid it.

Just simply read up on the above link, it provided a step by step procedure on how to avoid paying the brokerage fees to UPS/Fedex. Although the story is on UPS but i would assume Fedex pretty much behaves the same way. I had found it very informative and can save you A LOT of $$$$.

Disclaimer: The blog is not done by me, i am just passing on information and wants to help out fellow Canadians. Use at your own discretion.