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07-24-2012, 04:06 PM
I grew up in Anaheim in the 1970s, literally next door to Disneyland. Back when I was a teen, my friends and I would spend our summer nights hanging out in the park. They had the 5 buck general admissions back then and you could often find passports that were tossed in the parking lot by people leaving the park.
We were adventurous youth and often got out of the cars on the dark rides like Snow White, Mr. Toads and The Haunted Mansion. We did it for years before they really started cracking down on that sort of thing. The park was very different place back then.
Around 77-78, many of my classmates collected "souvenirs" from some of the rides and had them hanging up in our rooms. I have a pick that one of the dwarves held in the mining scene from the original Snow White ride at Disneyland as well as one of the apples held by the witch. I have had these since then. At one point I had several of these items, but got rid of them many years ago when I was still a teen, I managed to hang on to these two items though all these years and they have been in storage. I pulled them out the other day and had to smile remembering all the fun and trouble we got into in those days. Yes we got caught eventually and after high school the nights at Dland were no longer of interest, so these things went into a box and have been there since.
The day-glo paint on the plastic apple is flaking off pretty badly due to the age. The pick is still in pretty good shape. It consists of a balsa wood handle and a foam pickaxe head which were painted for the ride.

I will probably be putting up photos soon as a feature my Photos Of The Forgotten (http://photosoftheforgotten.synthetrix.com) website. It's worth checking out if you like old postcards of all the motels that surround the park and other vanishing art and architectural things of interest.

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This tread is blowing my mind.

edit: uh, now it looks like I made this thread. That is not the case.

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i like this thread you made.

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Thanks !

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Although I hate going into threads about park-used memorabilia, because I always want it, but can never afford any of it.

08-25-2012, 02:43 AM
While I detest entering threads concerning park-used memorabilia, because I usually are interested, although can not pay for any one of the item.