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10-31-2011, 01:14 AM
Hey everyone,

I selling away my inventory at discounted prices.

These are all the available castings that I have from the past 5-6 years of sculpting.
Almost all of the head sculpts will have a marked down price of what I usually sell them at ($33). I am trying to raise money for a medical service trip I will helping out with this winter. We are going out to send medical supplies and have a medical clinic and health education session in Managua, Nicaragua and I am going to serve as a translator.

You can combine many sculpts into one shipment,
just let me know if you want to combine multiple head sculpts at NO EXTRA shipping cost.

MEN IN BLACK Will Smith (Agent J)
MEN IN BLACK Tommy Lee Jones (Agent K) SCULPTED BY KUATO (chris caraveo)

NEO (Keanu Reeves from Matrix Reloaded)

Morpheus (Laurence Fishbourne from Matrix Reloaded)

Re-release of Tyler Durden (buzzed, without neck, FIGHT CLUB)


^ that's the link to my ebay page with all the available head sculpts and accessories

Hope this helps,


10-31-2011, 08:46 AM
This should either have a price or be in the auctions thread. :dunno

10-31-2011, 08:57 AM
must pay shipping at least once ($5 US, $13 international)

all are unpainted

NEO with neck + sunglasses = $39.99

Bruce Willis Die Hard 1 with neck = $24.99

John Marston + hat = $44.99

Leo painted $ 14.99

Edward Norton with neck - $24.99

Bruce Willis Live Free or Die Hard - $24.99

Men in Black Set (WILL SMITH, TOMMY LEE JONES) = $29.99

Tyler Durden sunglasses - $9.99

Morpheus with neck + sunglasses = $39.99

Neo withOUT neck + sunglasses = $29.99

Neo Sunglasses = $14.99

OBi-wan Kenobi = $9.99 bid

Morpheus discount + sunglasses = $23.99

Edward Norton withOUT neck = $24.99

Will Smith MEN IN BLACK = $24.99

Brad Pitt Detective Mills SEVEN WITHOUT NECK= $7.99

Brad PItt Detective Mills SEVEN with NECK = $9.99

Leo with neck - $25.99

Morpheus WITHOUT neck + sunglasses = $36.99

Will Smith I AM LEGEND Robert Neville WITHOUT NECK - $29.99

Bruce Willis LIVE FREE or DIE HARD WITH NECK - $24.99

Leo WITHOUT neck = $24.99

Neo accessories:
Long sword:$9.99
Twin Sai Swords pair $19.99
Bullet stopping hand = $9.99
Pair of fists and bullet stopping hand set $19.99

Hope this helps,


11-05-2011, 12:36 PM

stil a lot available!