View Full Version : WTB or WTT: 1/6 Jedi Head Sculpt (Trebor, Piell, Kolar)

09-26-2011, 08:32 AM
Hello All,
I am looking to buy or trade for some of the 'SSC undone' Jedi head sculpts.
Specifically looking for Martin Trebor,Evan Piell, or Agen Kolar.

I am looking to buy but have a few paltry items for trade, such as:
New in box (including brown shipper) Captain Antilles
Full in box Endor Rebel Infantry
Misc Endor gear (pants, belt, vest, helmet, boots)
Hasbro 1/6 lightsabers
Hasbro Hoth belts/holsters/blasters
Hasbro AT-AT driver (loose)

Thanks in advance.