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  1. How to Keep your Collectibles Dust Free???
  2. Where the #$%@ is my Hobbit?
  3. Del Toro and The Hobbit Movie
  4. What would you like to include in the Blu-Ray version of the film
  5. Help Me Prioritize My PF Pre-Orders!
  6. Your favorite piece
  7. Sad News
  8. Someone got a helluva deal!!!!
  9. VanderStelt's TTT Lithograph teaser 2
  10. VANDERSTELT'S TTT- finished litho ART
  11. Ugliest Gandalf Statue to Date
  12. Vanderstelt's TTT Pre-buy Lithos go live
  13. McKellen will be Gandalf in the Hobbit
  14. Noble Collection Fellowship sculpt
  15. Of all the Lord of the Rings Polystone Dioramas "Out Now" which is your favorite?
  16. What other LSB or 1:1 would you want...
  17. Most expensive LOTR item you ever come across...
  18. Tom Bombadil Bust
  19. Did I just get an AP Stone Trolls?
  20. I just ordered the Galadriel Statue...
  21. ‘Dark Council’ - The Theoden and Grima Wormtongue Polystone Diorama
  22. When was the SS/Weta LOTR Line Released???
  23. What Questions are you going to ask Peter and Guillermo at the 'Unexpected Party'
  24. Who was able to secure a BARAD-DUR DISPLAY TOWER and EYE of SAURON FOSSIL WATCH?
  25. Prologue Elves or Numenorians at 1/6th?
  26. 1/6th Armored Character Wishlist!
  27. Your dream 1/6th Silmarillion character(s)!
  28. Unexpected party log in
  29. John Howe to be at SDCC
  30. Unexpected Party Chat Transcript
  31. If I Become A Regular
  32. Christopher Tolkien wants to stop The Hobbit
  33. saruman the white pix's
  34. Sideshow weta watcher in the water
  35. Custom Boromir Cloaks!!! Be one of the first 5 people!
  36. Check out this cave troll!!!
  37. Frodo
  38. Official Sideshow 1/6 LOTR Image Thread
  39. The Josh's & Sideshow Collectibles 4th Annual Comic-Con Contest
  40. Stone trolls on ebay..
  41. THE TWO TOWERS lithograph available by Vanderstelt
  42. GTW PF question
  43. Frodo and Sam in nature
  44. My review of Frodo and Sam
  45. Moria ORC PF
  46. Optimistic seller!!
  47. The Hobbit body for Gollum?
  48. New Contest System Launched - Enter for Your Chance to Win Exclusive Hobbits!
  49. Why are WETA collectables losing there value???
  50. Gentle Giant Snaga Bust
  51. Sideshow, why don´t you always...???
  52. "Tales From the Perilous Realm" Book
  53. Guess the next PF ... or suggest ..
  54. What happened to Weta?
  55. Who would you lilke to play Bilbo in Hobbit?
  56. 1 per person limit lifted for hobbits! Go get them!
  57. Frodo Vs Frodo
  58. Roman Szablowski LOTR paintings!!
  59. The Josh's Frodo & Sam Review
  60. Do you think there will be a new 1/6 LOTR figure shown at SDCC?
  61. Heya all...been awhile......
  62. LOTR Section in need of a defibrillator?...
  63. Balrog Vs. Gandalf Diorama!!!
  64. i hope im wrong, but i think it's over
  65. Which do you like better: the books or the movies?
  66. Gentle giant uruk-hai with torch
  67. Next LOTR PF
  68. Took advantage of reduced eBay going prices...
  69. Weta Original Aragorn vs PF Aragorn
  70. The Hunt for Gollum-Short Film
  71. Life-size Busts??
  72. Aragorn LSB
  73. Need quick help with Lurtz PF Ex question
  74. LOTR day today
  75. If You Could Only Collect One Line...
  76. Pics of Watcher in the Water
  77. sideshow sauron bust
  78. Will Sideshow make a Mouth of Sauron 1:1 scale Bust ?
  79. What's the hold up with the Gandalf the Grey PF??!!
  80. Next Diorama?
  81. Can the lucky owners of the Sideshow Sauron statue post some of their pics, please!
  82. Which LOTR Film?
  83. Lifesize gollum statue???
  84. 1:1 Frodo bust! (custom)
  85. Free gift cards
  86. 1/6 witchking?
  87. we need LOTR mighty muggs
  88. Ringwraith on Horse Repaint/Repair sneak peek :)
  89. Legolas 1:1 Daggers Help
  90. The Fellowship etc
  91. Eowyn as Dernhelm question.
  92. Need help on what to buy ! ! !
  93. Did someone say Cave Troll AP???
  94. What's the Next LOTR PF?
  95. My Dream Pieces,Whats Yours???
  96. Frodo or Sam
  97. I just won an Original Balrog!!!!!!
  98. Advice on Autograph on statue
  99. Whatever happened to United Cutlery?
  100. Free $50 gift card give-away!
  101. Cheap LOTR watcher in the water on ebay!!
  102. Original Weta Balrog....What a deal!!
  103. FotR Blu Ray
  104. Kropserkel
  105. Gandalf The Gray 12" figure
  106. Armies of Middle Earth 12" Figures...
  107. Is Legolas the next PF?
  108. BIG news regarding end of LotR Animaquette line!
  109. Bad show, Cave troll!!!
  110. Guess the LAST LOTR 1/6th figure...
  111. More diaramas
  112. Uruk Hai PF- Sold out, waitlist available.
  113. Uruk Hai PF Base (minor point)
  114. Moria Orc pf, or Uruk Hai pf??
  115. No LOTR 1:6 for Spooktacular
  116. 12" lotr line on hold
  117. Will there be a Sauron Premium Format statue?
  118. The LOTR Customs Thread
  119. Please rank your 1:6 LOTR Exclusives
  120. What 1/6 custom do you want?
  121. DiD Lord of the Rings - wave 2
  122. Balrog- Flame of Udun?
  123. My Gandalf review
  124. FB Eagle vs Fellbeast Registry
  125. LOTR Trilogy Screening in Austin
  126. weta battle troll of mordor statue (28 pic)
  127. The Worst LOTR PF (Period)
  128. Lurtz Exclusive PF - PICS! :)
  129. Do you wish Hot Toys would take up where SS left off?(12in)
  130. Newlineshop.com holiday sale & question about NECA pewter Balrog
  131. Ringwraith PF!
  132. 12" is not stopped
  133. Berserker 360 is up...
  134. Sideshow WETA - LOTR Owners List: Limited and Open Edition Register
  135. Willing to buy Gandalf if anyone has a Gift Card...
  136. Vanderstelt ROTK lithograph update
  137. Sideshow COLLECTIBLES - LOTR Owners List: Maquette's, PF's, 12", Dio's, LSB's.
  138. Merry & Pippin Commission...
  139. Chances of Gandalf the Grey PF???
  140. Mistress Wish Granted!
  141. Barbie Aragorn and Arwen
  142. Early Christmas present
  143. How to fix your Moria Orc..
  144. 'Dark Counsel' - Theoden and Grima image thread
  145. The Hobbit or the other film?
  146. Favorite LOTR 1/6 Figure
  147. One of my best bargain...high elven warrior helm
  148. Save The Lord Of The Rings!!!
  149. Favorite LOTR character?
  150. 1:6 Gimli Custom - How To Guide...
  151. Moria Orc PF - Questions
  152. UC new line of LOTR swords
  153. Need Help w Lurtz PF
  154. Sideshow's LOTR 1:6 scale collection images...
  155. Next LOTR PF?
  156. Samwise and Bill the pony statue
  157. Why no LOTR 1:1 busts?
  158. What's the deal with the 1/6th scale line?
  159. Vanderstelt's ROTK lithograph news
  160. Anyone every buy one of these rings before?
  161. Moria Orc PF in UK Cheap
  162. Jerry Vanderstelt Arwen!!!
  163. Was faramir a poor choice?
  164. SS Cave Troll LSB- US only :) $75
  165. Question about Code 3 sculpted posters
  166. OFFICIAL Toy Fair Lord of the Rings Teaser up, starting NOW!
  167. Pipe weed what's the real deal?
  168. SS Legolas PF !!!!
  169. Noble Collection- Theoden's Sword
  170. Jerry vanderstelt's rotk litho news !!!
  171. Strider, on the outskirts of Bree (MANY pics)
  172. Would You Buy a Shadowfax LSB????
  173. Opinions on Gandalf PF?
  174. JV's ROTK litho-First Official pics here !!
  175. balrog vs gandolf dio 25 day notice
  176. The Uruk-Hai Legendary Scale Bust
  177. Happy Paddy's Day!!
  178. Lord of the Rings in Blu-Ray
  179. Look what I found in the cupboard today!
  180. So I lost my Sideshow*Weta original Balrog
  182. balrog lsb.
  184. shades of Mordor Dio!
  185. Statues = Heirloom
  186. Exclusive Ringwriath Animaquette
  187. RW dio - Should the Frodo exc come on a bigger base?
  188. Balrog Statue - worth $500?
  189. request for a FOTR screen grab.
  190. Why do you like The Lord of the Rings/Hobbit? (books/movies)
  191. Gandalf vs. Balrog Diorama First Pics
  192. Lotr sdcc exclusive ....
  193. Ringwraith "shades of mordor" diorama video
  194. Dumb book related questions...
  195. Mount Doom Frodo & Sam Dio
  196. Customized KOTD
  197. Confirmed. Only one LOTR PF (Uruk Hai Berserker) to ship in 2009
  198. Confirmed: Sideshow no Longer Holds the licence for 1:6 LOTR
  199. Faux Bronze Dioramas
  200. Witchking Crown
  201. Boromir Legendary Scale Bust
  202. Mount Doom Frodo & Sam Dio Want/Ordered List
  203. Mount Doom Dio Order Times
  204. 1/6 Saruman custom project starting to take form...
  205. please help!!!!!!!
  206. JV's ROTK litho- FIRST LOOK!
  207. Completion of the Fellowship.. June 3rd Q&A
  208. JV"S ROTK litho PRE-BUY NEWS
  209. What are John Howe, Richard Taylor and Brigitte doing in the Weta sculpting room ?
  210. Sauron Legendary Scale
  211. RWoS #1/5000 completed Ebay auction
  212. Sideshow Gandalf 12" for $28.49 shipped
  214. King of the Dead on the way???
  215. SSW Theoden Auction = $11.50 ???
  216. HCG 1:1 Scale Lothlorien Bow of Legolas
  217. why no more statues
  218. Estimated Item Arrival: Ex. Uruk-hai Berserker Premium Format Figure‏
  219. SovereignStudio's Lurtz figure
  220. The Art of John Howe - Sculptures from Middle-earth
  221. JV has two NEW LOTR pieces available NOW!! - Galadriel and the Fellbeast lithographs
  222. Premium Format Ringwraith on Steed PF..
  223. Cave Troll PF (Any Interest)?
  224. Frodo Repaint
  225. Uruk Hai PF reg & ex photo thread.
  226. Sideshow Samwise Repaint
  227. Sideshow/weta the dark lord sauron review
  228. New LOTR dio's on the way!
  229. No Gimili PF in 2009 or 2010
  230. The Official Jerry Vanderstelt LOTR Remarque Registry
  231. King of the Dead Vs Aragorn Dio- Buy NOW!, Link in 1st Post
  232. In Two Minds Of My Collections
  233. Sauron vs. Numenorean Army Diorama..ORDER NOW!! Link in 1st Post!
  234. Weta Coming Back To Middle Earth
  235. No Sauron PF...at least for now
  236. Lord Of the Rings Eaglemoss Collection
  237. Suggestions: Next Bad Guy Creature LOTR PF
  238. Weta - LOTR Shields
  239. Just cancelled
  240. Multiple PFs of the same character?
  241. The Art of John Howe - Enjoy!
  242. To buy a Cinemaquette Aragorn or not to buy??
  243. STATUE Sideshow/Weta Easterling Statue
  244. The Green Dragon...cometh again to Middle-earth!!
  245. Gandalf Repaint
  246. Weta LOTR environments coming
  247. Smaug the Golden - Faux Bronze - NOW AVAILABLE
  248. Sideshow LOTR wishlist for the next 3 years!
  249. Deal of a deal on the Balrog diorama
  250. Repainted Legolas