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  1. Freddy
  2. The All Things THE DEAD Thread (read)- BRAINSSSSS!
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  4. the next dead 12" figure........the butcher
  5. New Body For Nosferatu
  6. Return of the living Dead Tarman 1/6 Custom Figure by One's Customs
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  8. Joebizz34's 1/6 custom Jason Part 3 (Updated Version)
  9. Joebizz34's 1/6 Jason Lives custom (Version 4.0!!)
  10. 12" CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN by Distinctive Dummies
  11. Show Us Some ASH
  12. McFarlane Toys: The Walking Dead
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  15. action figure Skiman's Horror Workshop [VAMPIRES....DEACON FROST WIP, DAVID THE LOST BOYS WIP]
  16. action figure Joebizz34's 1/6 Jason Goes To Hell custom Version 2.0
  17. action figure Joebizz34's 1/6 Laid To Rest "ChromeSkull" custom
  18. Hot Toys: MMS 139 Resident Evil: Afterlife: 1/6th scale Alice Collectible Figure
  19. Original TCM Leatherface for $19.99 on Amazon!!!
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  21. Sleepy Hollow from Hot Toys
  22. Sideshow Frankenstein Review
  23. Article: Re: CREEPSHOW starts today!!!
  24. New Peter Cushing Van Helsing 12 " Custom Figure
  25. New Neca Evil Dead 2 Figures
  26. action figure Joebizz34's 1/6 Freddy Vs. Jason Custom /Repaint
  27. Neca Part 4 Friday the 13th sneak peak
  28. action figure Joebizz34's The Thing "MacReady" custom
  29. "Blood Feud 2" **Brand New** Selene from "Underworld"
  30. action figure Joebizz34's 1/6 SS Jason Part 2 and Part 4 customs
  31. Did ones1customs leave us?
  32. action figure Night Feeder by Rainman
  33. Peter Cushing as Sherlock Holmes from THE HOUND OF THE BASKERVILLES
  34. action figure Pinhead project - Update 3/3/2013 page 6
  35. action figure Interest - Real Metal Butcher Knife For Your Myers
  36. Norman Bates from PSYCHO!
  37. action figure From Dusk Till Dawn custom question
  38. action figure custom made The walking dead bicycle girl zombie (update status at pg4)
  39. Zone Beholder Weird Medical Staff arrive!
  40. action figure Joebizz34's 1/6 Leslie Vernon custom
  41. Zombie update post 17
  42. Christopher Lee as THE MUMMY
  43. action figure FENG's Studio - Zombies
  44. action figure Betomatali and Lupita presents...Original Concept Classic Monsters!!
  45. sideshow jason
  46. action figure Upgraded Michael Myers
  47. Custom 1/6 Ygor
  48. Anyone planning to make the new Dark Shadows figures?
  49. Jason remake body
  50. action figure DAK ZOMBIE test
  51. action figure 1/6 Original Concept Jason Voorhees
  52. Who would you prefer to make 1/6 The Walking Dead Comic Figures?
  53. Sun Demon, OK--but who are you calling HIDEOUS!?
  54. Mole Man thanks donor Phantom, now firm friends
  55. Selene for preorder
  56. Freddy Krueger Part II 1/6 Scale by Betomatali
  57. Shrunken Heads Studios Creepshow 1/6!!
  58. Majestic Barnabus Collins
  59. Video link added to the finished fig completed 1/6 Custom Michael Myers
  60. Who makes the best horror customs?
  61. 12ich Jason X sideshow update..;-)
  62. Where can I get Jasons mask 1/6
  63. All Things 1/6 Freddy
  64. Looking for the best Jason, Freddy and Michael Myers
  65. SHS Zombies
  66. Lom Phantom by DD
  67. ERGG!! what is with these 1/6 clothes?!
  68. I hate the way this board is set up now
  69. Conans Zombie Horde NEW PICS 05/05/2013
  70. Vic Zito's 1981 Prowler 1/6 Custom
  71. UnBoXingsGalore 1/6 Custom Jason Vorhees
  72. Custom Michael Myers Sculpt and Knife by Caine
  73. action figure Where's all the 1/6 Leatherface customs?
  74. Will Hot Toys make a Dark Shadows figure?
  75. custom 1/6 knife
  76. Question about NOES
  77. 12" Sideshow or Mezco Jason part VII
  78. Universal Classic Monsters: The Essential Collection coming to Blu-ray Oct. 2nd 2012!
  79. The Night HE Came Home: Show Us Some MYERS!
  80. Neca NOES Furnace Enviroment
  81. Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake: Show Us Some JASON!
  82. Another Selena?
  83. The City Slicker
  84. Asmus Toys Ghost Face
  85. Sheriff Dohe
  86. custom Jason screams
  88. Betomatali's Freddy's? Cant Decide
  89. What is your favorite Jason Vorhees Look? Please VOTE
  90. Horror mag hunt! The Blood Beast?
  91. Some CAINE Freddy photos
  92. Who is your favorite Horror Icon? VOTE
  93. action figure The Signal
  94. LEGO Monster Fighters
  95. Universal Monsters- Series 3 - Toys R Us Exclusives
  96. NECA Horror figures big delivery in the UK this week
  97. New Brothers Production R.E. Milla/Alice
  98. Tom Savini's Night Of The Living Dead on Blu Ray limited to 3000 units Region Free!!
  99. Neca freddy series three......
  100. CUSTOM Underworld 1/4 Selene Figure by Lalla...
  101. virtual toys zombie killer( woody harrelsen )
  102. Dragon Models Resident Evil Claire and Chris Redfield.
  103. action figure October is Zombie Awareness Month! And also Zombie Head Paint Month at GDB Studios!
  104. NOES Website help
  105. action figure Joebizz34's Sideshow Custom 1/6 Leatherfaces
  106. Frankenweenie PVC figures review
  107. Invisible Man figure review
  108. Dark shadows dvd coffin set:october one day sale: 53% off
  109. Universal Monsters Masks
  110. Mezco Frankenstein review, NYCC Coverage
  111. Horror Montage.
  112. Big Trouble In Little China
  113. An exciting adventure with Dinosaurs.
  114. Mack & Co. Michael Myers
  115. When is NECA new 19" Alien being released?
  116. NECA: Prometheus Battle Damaged Engineer vs. Trilobite 2-Pack
  117. Walking Dead Shane/Bicycle Girl Zombie action figure review
  118. Just won a Sideshow giveaway!!!
  119. Vampire Instructionals: animated Halloween fun!
  120. My Wife Just Won SS Thomas Hewitt Leatherface
  121. Phantom of the Opera figures review
  122. Custom Rick Figure from Splatterhouse
  123. Mad Monster Party action figures review
  124. Christopher lee Dracula: new custom figure from Distinctive Dummies
  125. Black Kunoichi (RE Alice) Figure Set from POP Toys
  126. Mezco Monster Scale Frankenstein review
  127. Realy cool vintage style custom Horror figures
  128. Iminime 1/6 Custom Figure- Dr. Lecter (Normal Version) with Mask / Outfit Option / Bl
  129. Friday the 13th Part XIII: Jason Vs. Jarvis in 3D.
  130. Neca Carrie Figures
  131. Leatherface the beginning
  132. "Behind The Mask, The Rise of Leslie Vernon" Gets An Action Figure
  133. action figure Question about custom 1/6 figures
  134. ATTN; True blood fans please follow link
  135. 1/6 Jason Voorhees question
  136. What's your favorite werewolf figure?
  137. Why isn't any company making 1/6 zombies anymore?!?
  138. 1/6 scale accessories question: scary stuff
  139. action figure THE WALKING DEAD - Michonne Comic Version Custom figure 1/6 12 inch
  140. Ones Customs 2011-2012 projects
  141. The Art of Eric Pigors.
  142. New here, I review horror figures on YouTube
  143. action figure Feng's Studio: Prisoner Zombie Style A
  144. action figure Feng's Studio: Prisoner Zombie Style B
  145. action figure Feng's Studio: Prisoner Zombie Style C
  146. DAM Toys Zombie German Soldier Pvt Jakob Sixth Scale Figure
  147. DAM Toys Zombie German Officer Kruger Sixth Scale Figure
  148. From the Basement of Tatlock (action figure photo website)
  149. Behind he Mask Leslie Vernon figure in hand
  150. The old guy was bit
  151. Well & RV Zombies, Avengers Hawkeye and Fury reviews
  152. action figure new zombie head sculpts by plissken2013 A, B, C & D - paint apps by 8-bit - 1/23
  153. action figure Friday the 13 Part VI Jason HS by Caine
  154. Who owns the llicensing rights the Coppola's Bram Stoker's Dracula?
  155. Atmospheric Pictures Of Horror Figures
  156. NEW Jack from The Shining project from KGHobby!!
  157. Jeffrey Combs as Dr. West from Re-Animator Head Sculpt Interest
  158. lizzie borden lego
  159. can anyone advise me of a good custom head maker?
  160. Presidential Monster Action Figures
  161. Otis & Shirley Sue - Zombie Hunters 1/6 Figures
  162. ZomBee fuhrer of the fourth reich sixth scale maquette
  163. Psycho:as Living Daed doll babies??
  164. action figure Michael Myers 18" Mcfarlane Figure
  165. question about custom sculpts
  166. Michael Myers 18" Mcfarlane Figure
  167. can anyone here do recasts? not for my profit
  168. Full Moon Direct Valentine's day Sale
  169. Mezco new 15" Chucky Doll
  170. This Island Earth
  171. Dioramas
  172. action figure interest 1968 Night of Living dead
  173. Evil dead ash head sculpt by Rocco interest!
  174. action figure 1/6 Roy sculpt and Jason Masks (Friday the 13th)
  175. action figure The Biker ***** Zombie Wars / Outbreak themed Survivor Character 1/6 12 inch
  176. jason voorhees masks or mask straps??
  177. The Walking Dead 1:6?
  178. Blood,sweat and tears....Show Your custom horror figures
  179. Looking for someone to resculpt ash
  180. Coveralls and custom weapons needed also 1/6 scale leatherface (1974) chainsaw?? :/
  181. Lets take a trip through texas: Show us some leatherface!!
  182. why hasn't anyone ever done a Dr. Alan Feinstone ..... THE DENTIST!!
  183. Brother Production - Jack Nicholson - The Shining
  184. Need advice penny wise the clown hair
  185. 1/6th Simplz Toys x Wildwork - Zombie Girl (Alice from RE)
  186. action figure anyone know where i can find a babyface figure??
  187. Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) with my kitbash. :)
  188. Marcof Laboratories - 1/6 Easter Bunny Zombie
  189. anyone selling a freddy krueger part 2? custom figure....
  190. Ghost of Frankenstein RE-Dressed
  191. movies not quite horror
  192. action figure Devils Rejects Otis Driftwood
  193. 15" Mega Scale Chucky
  194. Pennywise getting a licensed figure after all these years....
  195. needing a set of spectacles and sheet for michael myers figure :)
  196. STATUE Where can I find this product, please? (chucky)
  197. Anyone Resculpt horror sculpts ?
  198. Close thread
  199. Is it true a Premium Chistopher Lee?
  200. When your down here you'll float too..... Everything pennywise!
  201. DAWN OF THE DEAD 1978 - Tom Savini as Blades Custom 1/6 Actionfigure by redgriff
  202. action figure NECA Jason Crystal lake diorama (in progress)
  203. Nightmare on Elm Street Furnace Diorama Review
  204. Mocking bird lane 1:6 Munsters
  205. So..Hellraiser
  206. Horror/walking Dead Vinyl Collectables
  207. Anyone ordered from Creations unearthed before?
  208. action figure Elien Xclusives Assorted custom works
  209. action figure Assorted 1/6 and 7" Customs / Horror
  210. action figure the burning cropsey 1/6 head sculpt
  211. World Box TWD "Merle" Old Guy
  212. 1/6 custom Jason part 5
  213. I know what you did last summer "Ben Willis"
  214. Seccion morbo ( (Sectie morbide.)
  215. Killer clown- all things clowns
  216. action figure 1/6 Crazy tommy limited edition
  217. action figure Larva Skull 7cm x 7cm
  218. Creature from the Black Lagoon action figure review
  219. 1/6 Evil Dead Cabin Ash Diorama
  220. 1/6 Double Play - Walking Dead Zombie Warrior (Daryl Dixon)
  221. action figure World War Z Brad Pitt Head Sculpt
  222. Sharknado
  223. ThreeZero Toys: 1:6 AMC's The Walking Dead Michonne's Pet Walkers
  224. DPTOY-ZOMBIE WARRIOR--Crossbow Man
  225. NECA Friday the 13th NES SDCC Figures are UP!
  226. DST Monsters at SDCC
  227. NECA Retro Colth Mego-esque figures of Jason and Freddy?
  228. action figure "The House In Texas" Custom 1/6th Scale Figure Diorama Stand
  229. Mask of the Red Death
  230. Walking Dead Daryl Dixon Vinyl Figure Comic Con Exlusive
  231. Jungle Hunter Predator, Jungle Patrol Dutch figures review
  232. World War Z Action Figures-LOL
  233. My Walking dead 1/6 figures
  234. My 1/6 Walkind Dead creations!
  235. NECA Freddy from NOES
  236. Is Kirin Hobby legit?
  237. Mezco "Vault" Sale
  238. If Neca has the Halloween license...
  239. horrorview, my review of everything horror
  240. NECA nightmare on elm street nes figure
  241. UK Trick R Treat fans
  242. Dracula Figure
  243. action figure freedy furnance
  244. action figure freddy furnance
  245. New TWD Rick headsculpt on ebay
  246. Trick R Treat Sideshow Sam question
  247. 1/6 DamToys Zombies "Kruger & Jakob" -Quick Look From "Down In The Box" Monkey Depot
  248. Pennywise the clown custom figure wanted ! To make/buy
  249. Fright Rags Halloween Limited Edition Boxset
  250. Dr. Frankenstein Colin Clive