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  1. Attn: Custom Artists!! Newbs, ask Questions here!
  2. Reference links for customizers
  3. Some guidelines for dealing with pro sculptor commissions
  4. Current Hot Toys Muscle Body Guide
  5. Merry and Pippin Dye Tutorial
  6. girls heads better with or without neck ?
  7. Is this a good hat for a Freddy Krueger 1/6 scale...
  8. Casting
  9. Need Help Painting Eyes
  10. Has anybody attempted to "shorten" a True Type?
  11. Artist/Painter Availability?
  12. Painting on rubber
  13. Closing the Gap: on your 1/4 MASKED PREDATOR
  14. Help
  15. Bleaching & Dying clothes
  16. Will a Sideshow hand peg fit a hot toys truetype ?
  17. Need help, cutting the neck off a head and mod to fit a muscular body...
  18. Will triad female clothes fit hot toys body?
  19. Batman Begins Hot Toys Knee Joint repair
  20. i need help to weather my captain Miller clothes
  21. Hiring LED Specialist
  22. Noob Question
  23. Needs to know if anyone can make 1/6 scale head!
  24. Looking for a Fellow Freak Sculpter for a Commission! Now with Designs!
  25. 7" Figure Custom Display Sets and/or Materials?
  26. Airbrushing help?
  27. Broken limbs on your NECA Predators? Here's a fix....
  28. Don't Waste the HT Muscle Body for Thor, Hidden under all the Armor!
  29. Ankle Extentions For Added Height, Any Help ??????
  30. Looking for SUPER SCULPEY UK
  31. HD webcam sculpting classes by Erick Sosa
  32. Painting Rubber Bodys?
  33. Web pattern on a Spider-Man suit?
  34. Best way to get marks off Hot Toys faces?
  35. Need Help With Netting for 1/4 Neca Predator
  36. King Leonidas wrist broke. Any suggestions for alternatives?
  37. Sculpting Heads With Clay
  38. Need help with batman gauntlet repaint
  39. silicone head
  40. Need HELP with Robocop 3 re-paint!
  41. Big shouldered body for Bond
  42. Casting question
  43. Prison Break Michael Scofield Tattoo ??
  44. Advice with bleaching/dying
  45. Best way to make snow effect on boots?
  46. Help with HS paint..how to?
  47. Where do I go to find a painter to do a commission?
  48. Model Artists New York City?
  49. How to find paint that matches sculpt
  50. Buttons and Zippers
  51. Remove writing from stands
  52. Question about fabricating 1/6 scale glasses.
  53. Q: Using Gentle Giant minibusts as a source of 1/6 headsculpts?
  54. Building swords from brass and stainless
  55. Simple Solution - Hot Toys Accessories
  56. Blood
  57. Diorama Help
  58. techniques for painting hair
  59. 1/6 Scale Coveralls?
  60. 1/4 scale weapons?
  61. photography lighting...
  62. Removing Tattoos
  63. Equalibrium body?
  64. 1:6 (white) straitjacket
  65. Advice for Light Cycle Display
  66. How to connect ACI head to HT body
  67. Straightening Doll Hair
  68. 1/6 Accessories
  69. Dyeing a blue jacket to red?
  70. Dull coats, Matte lacquers,....
  71. Need help with Tips and Tricks for putting hair on sculpts
  72. custom dead end batman
  73. Aves Epoxy -VS- Sculpy..., I need help
  74. 1/6 customizing supplies & bits
  75. 1/6 Scale Figure Boxes/Packaging
  76. Where to get 1/6 scale lycra?
  77. Pipes and hoses
  78. Head plugs?
  79. 1/6 Short or children Bodies?
  80. Weathering fabric: What to use?
  81. Which paint colors are essential?
  82. digital 3 D images ???
  83. Casting a resin head and creating the mold?
  84. Too much sealent? over dull coating and fixing...
  85. Skin tone resin?
  86. Drilling hole for sculpt
  87. Identifying a specific pair of pants
  88. Making a custom figure box
  89. "Real hair" for 1:6 headsculpt
  90. delete*
  91. Tutorials
  92. best resin
  93. best online stores for spare parts
  94. 2 Part Mold Questions - NOW WITH PIX!
  95. 1:6 LUPE
  96. changing real hair color on pre haired head
  97. Question about casting
  98. Air Bubbles...
  99. Wood paint colors?
  100. Bio mask casting.
  101. protecting my painted heads?
  102. Ghost Rider Bike Advice Needed !
  103. how to modify a already made shirt slighty..help?
  104. Can l paint over....
  105. Air brush help
  106. Making. A fabric mask for daredevil kitbash
  107. Help with translucent skin and texture painting.
  108. 1/6 Scotch Glass
  109. Customs - resources
  110. Bodys & Heads? whats what?
  111. what is thw best digital sculpting program?
  112. where can i find thin faux leather?
  113. Need help finding good Freddy reference photos
  114. Any good tips for drybrushing?
  115. Strong Acrylic Sealant
  116. 1/6 pattern making?
  117. Help Using vacuum pump and chamber for resin casts.
  118. Tips for Dyeing
  119. Little touch up on head paint
  120. Painting lips on Male Headsculpts?
  121. LF: 3D Printing Service
  122. help printing 3d heads, best way? for maximum quality
  123. Neck plugs???
  124. Joker Patches - Help
  125. Sculpting 1/6 what to use
  126. How to paint Medicom TDK belt
  127. weathering 1:6 heads
  128. Help With Improving Hot Toys The Spirit
  129. blood related questions
  130. Simulated leather?
  131. Casting in Flexible Resin/PVC
  132. What do you use to sculpt?
  133. Hot toys body question
  134. commando vest question need help
  135. Question for painters
  136. how to dye T-1000 jacket?
  137. Airbrushers! How do I get a decent orange peel?
  138. distressing 1/6 fake leather/pleather jackets
  139. how do i go about re-painting a 1:6 scale weapon?
  140. Sculpting elbow pads
  141. Hot Toys Display Stand Questions
  142. Airbrushing skintones paintng video tutorial
  143. Removing facial hair?
  144. Customizing old 12" Mego figures
  145. Will this work on a ttm19?
  146. Painting with brushes instead of airbrushes.
  147. Help with custom iron man
  148. A Clockwork Orange Cod Piece
  149. Anyone know of a sculpter who can do armor
  150. Anyone able to paint a 1/6 Alien Queen?
  151. Best 1/6 body?
  152. questions about freddy sweater.
  153. Which Muscular 1/6 Body for a head with a neck?
  154. How to make cloth look wet without being wet? Help needed.
  155. 1/6 fat custom
  156. Old-school Men's Denim Jeans?
  157. How to get Blonde hair colours
  158. Looking for the Right Body for my Michael Myers Custom.
  159. How do I get that perfect finish??
  160. Looking for a skilled customizer to repaint a Kratos figure
  161. Need help creating street-dio.
  162. 1st time custom
  163. Hot toys head material/resin
  164. Removing paint from older sideshow heads?
  165. Question on Acrylic Paints for cover ups
  166. Wild Toys clothes on a Dragon body
  167. Repaint Mark IV "Pink Panties"
  168. Need advice: PROBLEM WITH ALICE BODY! dirty!
  169. Need Help Creating Hot Toys Joker Goon
  170. Are head play's true type bodies good quality?
  171. Abe Sapien neck broken? Please help!
  172. 1/6 top hat eagle eye bill
  173. How to make pedestal for Sculpting ?
  174. Solved, please delete
  175. Printing question
  176. Messed Up: Need Help w/ Paint Issue
  177. Scratched paint on Hot Toys Iron Man
  178. Gene Simmons headsculpt question .
  179. Cheap sculpting tools
  180. need help on a hot toys arm swap
  181. Clothing dye transfer prevention
  182. Painting questions....Help appreciated :)
  183. Need Wig To Fit A 1/6 Female Head
  184. small electric sanders
  185. True Type figures-Why are they so expensive???
  186. rooted hair need someone who can do it
  187. Adding scars and lesions
  188. I Am Legend, custom figure
  189. Removing the Tattoos from HT Barney Ross body?
  190. Dying resin castings?
  191. what kind of transparent acrylic paint using for final?
  192. Hasbro heads
  193. What kind of glue to use on 1/6 scale figures?
  194. The Dude. Where can I find kitbashed accessories?
  195. proper sized arnold head sculpt
  196. How to remove wrist peg
  197. Painting tips for Headsculpt
  199. Foam/Sponge for Packing
  200. Best 1:6 scale MODERN clothing
  201. How to cast 1/6 heads
  202. 1/6th body question
  203. child or dwarf body?
  204. what is the best Self harden clay to sculpt with?
  205. How do I tighten the hips on a Prometheus body?
  206. Red Skull Help
  207. Getting Custom Headculpts to stay on True Types
  208. Want to make the "REAL" Nick Fury
  209. Thor PF attachable helmet
  210. Head magnets ?
  211. How to bend HT hands?
  212. attaching head with a neck
  213. Hot Toys clothing help.
  214. Eye decals?
  215. How easy to dye orange overalls blue
  216. How to remove a small iron on transfer
  217. Help with a body suit
  218. Bruce Wayne custom help.
  219. Muscular body alternative
  220. How to ship custom, where's a good place to get A LOT of packing supplies?
  221. What suit did you use for your Bruce Wayne?
  222. aci body leg loose
  223. Tec 9
  224. How to package your [anything] for shipment
  225. Help with removing paint from figure's head
  226. HELP: Repairing knee joint, can't find right screw parts
  227. Hiding the black screw ob the HT Babydoll Feet?
  228. What is the best epoxy sculpt?
  229. Spiderman PF camera
  230. Help dying leather
  231. Where to find a 1/6 lever action rifle?
  232. Looking for some painting tips
  233. Shrinking Clothing
  234. Hinge
  235. Non Mandible Style Predator Bio fix!?
  236. Where to find 1/6 brown loafers
  237. Ideas in repairing my SW giclee art print?
  238. Sculptors for hire?
  239. Hair a head sculpt
  240. "Fake" head sculpts
  241. 3d printing for the hobbyist
  242. Any tips on painting cloth?
  243. Help! Broken Shoulder on T-800
  244. 1/6 Glasses - Anyone know how to cast them or print them?
  245. What shirt for a Jason Voorhees part 3 figure
  246. Looking for metal "rivets" for a custom 1/6 Solid Snake
  247. How to take apart a TT
  248. How to make my own decals?
  250. Original Cast VS Re-Cast Head Sculpt