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  1. First Paint-Up!
  2. Need help
  3. Custom boxes
  4. resins and paint?
  5. acryllic paint question
  6. 1/6 T-shirts help.
  7. where to find a 1/6 black jacket for a custom.
  8. How to adapt custom hs to a HT body
  9. 1/6 Scale BackDrops
  10. Step by step sculpting tutorial
  11. Few questions on statue painting
  12. DID / Hot Toys figures and head swapping
  13. What are the best bodies for customs?
  14. Need help attaching a custom head to a body
  15. Leather Trench Coat
  16. Need a good UK 1/6 Tailor
  17. Neo's coat (Matrix 1)
  18. Painting PERS
  19. clothes will not dye?
  20. Thermal plastic
  21. Modding a 10" guitar
  22. How to tighten ball joints?
  23. Custom Avengers sleeveless Thor body question?
  24. darken skin tone
  25. How to extend the neck joint in a TTM 14 body?
  26. How to make this figure?
  27. Modern Army Duffle Bags
  28. Synthetic Leather Suppliers?
  29. Neck Post?
  30. Please help suit body imimine micheal Corelone
  31. Gladiator boots
  32. Sculpting eyes
  33. Where would one buy 1/6 scale eyelets?
  34. Help with dying mohair for Joker rehair?
  35. 1/6 Delsin Rowe Custom Help
  36. Getting wrinkles out of 1/6 clothes
  37. Where to find Clark Kent Smallville boots?
  38. How to choose the right clothes for your figure
  39. flesh coloured resin
  40. 1/6 custom clothes for female figure
  41. Converting Bigger Arms and Body Questions for Hot Toys
  42. Anyone familiar with Hydrosrhink?
  43. ACI Khaki Cargo Pants: Color in Person?
  44. 1/6 scale custom clothing maker?
  45. We're to buy thin real leather
  46. Clothing Maker in Hungary
  47. Ankle Adapter for Enterbay body
  48. Styling a 1/6 wig
  49. First time painting advice wanted
  50. Making 1/6 scaled items: Magazines, newspapers etc
  51. SIZING HELP with Triad Toys Caucasian Alpha Small Bust Female Body
  52. Civvies for taller figures?
  53. how to put on cape for batman mms 71?
  54. Getting into 3d printing for customs
  55. Head doen't fit (help)
  56. 1/6 Male Bodies for Short Characters?
  57. Water slide decal on a rubber body will it work?
  58. shrinking a 13" head sculpt?
  59. How do make a neckless fitting for neck post?
  60. Where to buy name plates for stands
  61. What body for Michael Myers
  62. removing decals off clothes??
  63. How do you make a body taller?
  64. Plastic head temperature threshold
  65. Help...i looking a tailor for 1/6 custom clothes
  66. 1:6 scale, men's wedding ring?
  67. I want to build 1/6 chair out of styrene. Need help in choosing the right thickness.
  68. 1/6 buttons for shirts etc. any clues where to find them
  69. How to dye mohair?
  70. Are the Sideshow Buffy 1/6 females shorter than normal?
  71. 1/6 HT Luke Body - Neck Joint and Feet Pegs Question
  72. Anyone know how to make translucent energy bolts?
  73. tailor
  74. Removing fake snow from figure
  75. Bleaching and dyeing question
  76. Adding snow to Bill the Butcher
  77. Best sculpting material for a first timer?
  78. How to approach painting small areas?
  79. Hot Toys Ankle / Foot pegs help.
  80. Head flocking?
  81. Ultra skinny 1:6 body?
  82. Great Making of Dr Who heads video by Big Cheif
  83. How to straighten DX12 Batman's Cog piece
  84. Molding rubber?
  85. Any idea on how to paint a wood grain effect?
  86. Possible to paint leather?
  87. Casting a Painted Head . . .
  88. Jack Burton gun 1/6 scale?
  89. 1/6 denim jackets?
  90. Best base body for a remake Jason figure ?.
  91. Custom Leather Biker Vest
  92. Making a figure the right height - leg swap out question
  93. Red hulk comiquette repaint questions
  94. Where can I get 4mm snaps like Cap Am. Hoodie?
  95. Rerooting a head sculpt
  96. Question on removing original Thor armor...
  97. Will Hot Toys Clothes Take Dye?
  98. How to create a realistic sweat on clothes
  99. Need help removing a Medicom body head
  100. good carving wax?
  101. Enterbay rm 4.2 body question
  102. help with a Rick Grimes custom
  103. 1:6 Monitor, TV,... (Question of using LED panel)
  104. 1/6 Cardigans and Revolver with bullets
  105. How to get crease out of 1/6 pants?
  106. Best colour for Friday 13th part 3 shirt?
  107. Tailoring
  108. Were to buy 1/6 6ft 3" body
  109. I need help with beginning to paint
  110. Best type of glue....
  111. Black Dress Shirt with tight collar!
  112. Weathering powders on clothes and selling them
  113. Decals for stands?
  114. What's the best way to make a raised chest emblem?
  115. tips/pics on painting stubble
  116. What kind of mohair to get and color to hair a RZ H1 myers sculpt
  117. Cutting a longneck head sculpt
  118. Michael corelone iminime
  119. Whom makes water slide decals?
  120. Help with Iron Spidey
  121. Best way to make a 1/6 Scale Throne - sculpt or 3D model?
  122. How to take an ACI Christian body apart?
  123. What Are Custom Figures??
  124. need help with Heat Neil Mccauley figure
  125. How do you paint face "speckling" ??
  126. Hot toys foot peg on kaustic plastik body
  127. Appleseed Wrist Peg Crisis
  128. Black Coveralls to Grey Coveralls
  129. Good choice for black suit shoes?
  130. Is there a "rule of thumb" for lip color?
  131. Is it okay to leave sculpt overnight in non acetone finger nail polish remover?
  132. Any info on custom figure boxes?
  133. Hot Toys Mark VII headsculpt - Neck slot
  134. Can I comission someone to make a small (half-inch) water slide decal?
  135. Question regarding brother production Vincent from collateral
  136. Painting commission
  137. Repainting Pistol Help
  138. Oil Clothing Mod
  139. Metal knife
  140. cement diorama
  141. How to hair a 1/6 Myers headsculpt and what type of glue to use?
  142. Rubber Bonding Agent for Figure
  143. What is the best Matt laquer , sealer in UK?
  144. Can Hot Toys Leg / Thighs be changed?
  145. 1/6 Scale Figure Height Recommendation
  146. Using sandpaper - do you need a mask?
  147. How to remove stains on bodies?
  148. Reshaping hands.
  149. Superman emblem dettached/evil supes custom tips?
  150. Need help/tips touching up paint app on DC icon man of steel general zod statue
  151. When sculpting a head, how do you fit it for a neck?
  152. Dying Saturday Toys Yellow Coveralls
  153. Substitue for Blitzway neck peg?
  154. Custom neck plug alternative
  155. DC Direct heads on 1/6 bodys?
  156. How to paint / create "sweat effect" on 1:6 scale figure
  157. Best way to remove pockets from 1/6 Scale Coveralls
  158. Creating 1/6 neck plug with epoxy?
  159. Replacing 1/6 figure hair?
  160. Leather Trench Coat Help
  161. Methods for weathering 1/6 muscle body's?
  162. How do I get rid of a neck plug?
  163. recasting?
  164. Ghostbusters Coveralls
  165. LED bulbs for display shelves/cabinets
  166. Fixing broken joints of your figures
  167. Jedi tunic material
  168. Sweat effect on clothing?
  169. Painting Hot Toys Predator bodies?
  170. Fiber optic lighting
  171. What is the best glue for diecast???
  172. newbies questions
  173. fixing loose NECA hands?
  174. Large Overalls Help
  175. Where to commission 1/6 Clothing?
  176. Help for Custom water effect on a base
  177. "Old" looking 1/6 hands ?
  178. Help: Neca 1/4 custom/bash
  179. Custom boxes
  180. a question about sculpting
  181. Help with female bodies
  182. Large frame muscular bodies?
  183. How to apply Mo-Hair to a Human Head Sculpt?
  184. Source for 1/6 mini separating zippers
  185. KUMIK head sculpt
  186. Gauntlets?
  187. Trying to fit a true type standard body on sideshow Rebel head
  188. Repainting plastic
  189. Hot Toys Thriller Micheal Jackson
  190. How to apply Corrose Heat Transfer Decal
  191. Help for Jim Morrison custom
  192. Help with Spoonflower fabric choice
  193. dying question
  194. Dying question for Ghostbuster customs
  195. Casting neck-less heads?
  196. Where can I find 1/6 scale chains (like in T2 and Alien movies)?
  197. Where can i find grated flooring like from T2, Dark Knight, etc.?
  198. * The Sideshow Freaks Sculptors Pit Stop *
  199. Restoring Hot Toy John Connor Jacket.
  200. Phicen bodies and heads question?
  201. Newbie question - Best glue to avoid "white bloom"?
  202. 1/6 furniture?
  203. How to do i put logos or design logos onto a t shirt?
  204. Sanding SS Spiderman Cold Cast Bronze Statue
  205. Halp! Choosing Woodland Camo fabric for a 1/4 figure
  206. How Do You Fix The "No-Neck" Syndrome?
  207. Customizing the Turtles animated series figures
  208. Super sculpey on bodies
  209. Slime/wet/gooey effect and base help
  210. Salt or Vinegar to Dye
  211. Bowen colossus paint chipping anyway to fix?
  212. My first custom base/stand (Predator)
  213. Water techinique questions and Truetype bodys
  214. Medicom 12" old snake and raiden suit degrade over time?
  215. Help fitting a shoes with no sockets
  216. 1/6 Scale Brown Dynamite Sticks!
  217. HT Decal Stand Template
  218. How to attach super sculpey to a dowel rod
  219. Help!!! with foot pegs and sockets kinda loose need to tighten
  220. Looking for help with re sculpting lower mouth of HT hulk
  221. 1:6 Buttons ?
  222. Dying textile leather jacket to Green
  223. Superman Leg repair.........
  224. Looking for camo material
  225. Patches
  226. Soft plastic or hard plastic for boots?
  227. How to sew 1/6 zippers?
  228. What is water treatment?
  229. Blue tack?
  230. NECA figure eyes repaint ?
  231. Help needed/sculpting
  232. Weathering a leather jacket help
  233. Remove original paint?
  234. Repair NECA 1/4 Dutch Schaefer hip ?
  235. LED Bar lighting
  236. Hellboy - Nazi Uniform Kroenen. (complete)
  237. sideshow leatherface head help
  238. Headsculpt to cast
  239. Bruce Wayne Kit Bash.
  240. Boots leaving a mark
  241. Average dimension of a Truetype figure...
  242. Sculpting Hair Locks
  243. removing rubber top chest from dutch ht mms body
  244. Making headsculpts glossy/shiny
  245. In need of small tips for painting small project??
  246. Decals for boxes?
  247. donnys head
  248. Muscle Body help.. Heroik KP02 etc
  249. Muscle Body help.. Heroik KP02
  250. Noob painting advice