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  1. Acrylic Display Case dimensions, prices, vendors
  2. Detolf and other shelving systems
  3. Lights for Detolf
  4. Detolf Modifications.
  5. IKEA Detolf question.
  6. New Morebo clear glass doors for Billy cases
  7. What do you use?!
  8. My Displays
  9. putting 2 Detolfs together - anyone try it?
  10. BESTA love and idea thread
  11. Detolf Locks
  12. Question about Display Cabinets
  13. Color on Built In Shelving
  14. Advice needed
  15. Question about lighting
  16. I know it blongs elsewhere, but about Detolfs . . .
  17. Best time to buy from ikea?
  18. Billy Shelf + Besta Glass Door Combo Alternative.
  19. Detolf part replacement
  20. Detolf cleaning
  21. new to collecting need display case help
  22. Help need with statue display
  23. Abomination display case
  24. Has anyone ever framed/matted their own art prints?
  25. little help/opinions before disaster
  26. My Brotherhood of Arms Collection
  27. Display cabinets for 1/6 figures.
  28. what is recommended to display premium formats
  29. Lighting
  30. Jabba needs a home! (Shelves for Sideshow and Attakus Jabba setups?)
  31. Besides Detolf, What other cases are there?
  32. Advice on lighting
  33. Has anyone ever tried to raise a Detolf?
  34. Does anyone have a picture of white dioders set up in a Detolf?
  35. Display Case for a single figure.
  36. Creating a Detolf with adjustable shelves
  37. Pulaski Curio Cabinets at Costco
  39. Display cabinets designed to protect collectibles during Natural disasters
  40. Lighting Options for a Besta
  41. Display cabinets for large Premium Formats?
  42. IKEA Detolf disaster solution question
  43. Ikea Granas Coffee Table become awesome Display Case
  44. hwere is a good place to get acrylic display cases
  45. Where to buy Acrylic Risers? Help por favor!
  46. Backings for shelves ?
  47. Display Cabinet Lighting
  48. Acrylic cases
  49. What is an alternative to Ikea products?
  50. Weight on Glass Shelves
  51. Detolf accommodating backdrops
  52. Lighted acrylic display case - available NOW
  53. Track Lighting - Replacing Halogen with LED
  54. Ikea Detolf
  55. Any experience with wireless LED lights?
  56. Sideshow Comiquette Display Boxes
  57. Little help?
  58. BILLY Cabinet Display/Shelving Units...
  59. Detolf Hardware
  60. Any one have the Maybang LED lighted display case?
  61. Detolfs back in stock!
  62. Wall mounted, horizontal displays?
  63. Anyone know where I can find a rotating base for display?
  64. Check this out Besta lovers, new glass door "Besta Vassbo"!!
  65. Detolf stability?
  66. Best way to display figures? Shelves?
  67. Anyone know where to get display pedestals in uk?
  68. Individual display cases
  69. Advice on Affects of Halogen lighting on Figures & Statues?
  70. IKEA Dioder White Lighting Strips now $29.99
  71. Deltolf case mod
  72. Ikea detolf for 18inch figures
  73. Detolfs for a bargain....
  74. Found this site for display cases
  75. optimus prime
  76. Lighted acrylic display case for 1/4 statues
  77. Helmet stands
  78. idea for CUSTOM made HOT TOYS display cabinet!
  79. Display cabinet Ideas?
  80. SDCC '11- SW display stands?
  81. BMW Dealership Displays
  82. Statue room paint ideas
  83. Question concerning sunlight/direct light
  84. Detolf + SS Iron Man 1:1 Bust (on top)?
  85. Added mirrors to my 3 Detolfs for <$20
  86. New custom acrylic shelves
  87. Tutorial for uploading Photographs of your Collection
  88. Cabinets for UK collectors
  89. Non Ikea Displays that don't cost $2,000...?
  90. displaying extra heads and accessories
  92. DETOLF Weight Limit
  93. IKEA Detolf and LOTR Maquettes
  94. Does any one use printed pictures as backdrops
  95. Michael's 1/6 acrylic display cases on sale and clearance!!!
  96. Detolf or Billy for displays
  97. Pedestals
  98. 1/6 Action Figure Display Cases
  99. Anyone have any luck with acrylic step risers
  100. How do you guys store movies?
  101. Amazon UK for lighting?
  102. how to keep dust out of my detolfs
  103. Display cases for video game weapons.
  104. Question concerning best way to remove smoke smell from Figures?
  105. Which Detolf do you prefer?
  106. Hot Toys Figure Poses
  107. Larger displays that could complement detolfs?
  108. Ideas for a cedar closet?
  109. A fair price for a custom cabinet?
  110. Open shelves disadvantages
  111. Potential cooling system for DETOLF!!!!
  112. Detolf assembly... Dioders later on?
  113. Display Shelves
  114. Detolf backdrops (images to go behind figures)
  115. BESTA shelf with glass doors
  116. Anyone recommend: Sumo Cube Shelves
  117. displaying collectibles with more length than height
  118. Loose or in box...?
  119. Recycled Displays looks to be promising
  120. Air Purification?
  121. Keeping dust out of Besta and Detolf cabinets?
  122. Sora-Shop Display cases, anyone got one?
  123. Earthquake proof ??
  124. Display cases info
  125. Dioder alternative?
  126. Ikea Nortaro Help!
  127. Custom tables...?
  128. Any ideas for larger displays for vehicles?
  129. Detolf question
  130. Where can i find 1/6 Car parts, buildng rubble and building pieces?
  131. Tiered Stands?
  132. New Ikea Socker Greenhouse as a display ;)
  133. Anybody knows about "Display Cases"?
  134. PHANTOM SHELF DIVERS - Worst of.
  135. Besta Storage combination
  136. How to light a single acylic case?
  137. Bestas' Tombo Doors leaning
  138. White Double Cabinet with LED Shelves
  139. Need some help..
  140. Besta wall cabinet
  141. Hot Toys : Stand or No stand?
  142. Help displaying my collection. Link me to Ikea besta?
  143. Half shelves for deltofs?
  144. Ikea Billy (deep version)
  145. Excellent Display Stands for Marvel Legends etc.
  146. Ideas for Adjusting Detolf Shelves
  147. Recommend me a good shelve.
  148. Detolf + Dioder colored, how do you guys do it??
  149. Most number of figures on 1 detolf shelf?
  150. 1/6th Tumbler Case UK
  151. Anyone thought of a football helmet display case?
  152. Switching from detolf to single cases?
  153. Light Bulbs to Use?
  154. Detolf acrylic risers help.
  155. What not to do....
  156. Question about wiring
  157. DIY LED strip
  158. How to clean acrylic cases
  159. Ikea PAX
  160. Need help from fellow collectors in the Philippines
  161. Bookshelf to match Detolf?
  162. 3 Blizzard Statues
  163. Please help! I'm looking for white LED puck lights like IKEA's old ones!! Help!!
  164. Lockable Display Case
  165. Legend Studios Lit Display case
  166. Sealing Framed Cabinet Doors
  167. Display Suggestions? (Draft only)
  168. LED light strip question?
  169. Glass Doors for Ikea EXPEDIT
  170. frames to display comic books?
  171. Some Sideshow Love Today
  172. Red Hulk Comiquette0
  173. Where to get stands for 6 inch figures?
  174. The lighted, acrylic cases from Maybangs, a quicky review.
  175. Half a Detolf?
  176. Best color to paint your collectible room
  177. X'mas Theme Room Diorama
  178. Is there a way to display collectibles and not collect dust?
  179. Open air display or in a glass cabinet?
  180. Cool, lighted display stands for 1:6 Iron Man.
  181. Cleaning your collectibles? Endoskull ,premuim format
  182. Ikea LIATORP table used for Hot Toys Tumbler and Batpod Display (updated pics)
  183. Mini LED spotlights?
  184. Are cold temps. detrimental to figures?
  185. Help a newb - 1/4 display
  186. Influence of LED lights on figures? Help needed
  187. Homebuild aluminium/glas display for lifesize statue
  189. Ikea - LACK Shelves
  190. detolf shipping price
  191. Ledgen Studios Master Lighthouse Display Review
  192. Question about adjustable shelving for detolf
  193. Problem..
  194. Does IKEA provide replacement pieces?
  195. lights for display case?
  196. IKEA LED dioder strips
  197. Light recommendation for Detolfs that don't require a plug?
  198. Wall decor decisions....Dark Knight
  199. Detolf lights- what are you using?
  200. Photos of Your Most Favorite Poses
  201. How to display a photo print on a detolf?
  202. How high are you?
  203. Suggestions on 1/4 Figures
  204. Lighting outside of a Detolf / led strips
  205. How to build a detailed rock structure display for your sculptures!!
  206. How would you recommend I get glass doors for this?
  207. if u were me how would u grouo/pair the following figures in ur display?
  208. Lit Figures Question
  209. iS PAX discontinued?
  210. Multi colour Ikea Dioder in Detolf
  211. Displaying additional head sculpts for 1/6 figures
  212. Best type of brush for dusting?
  213. Display for HT Sulley advice
  214. Blank Stand Options
  215. My Office Showroom Build (Display, Lighting, Mod Tips & Service)
  216. Are these Detolf's???
  217. Good Value Wall Shelf for Premium Formats and Hot Toys??
  218. Pimp my self - help
  219. Advise from a lighting Engineer
  220. Custom acrylic display cases
  221. Ikea Laxpedit for large size display space at eye level (mine) ;)
  222. Question regarding posing (and the strain of more dynamic poses)
  223. Backdrops for Figure Photography
  224. adding shelves to a detolf
  225. How I will set up my collection in my new place (when it's built).
  226. Displaying PF Statues help
  227. Mounting a Detolf Horizontally?
  228. DX04 Fits in My Detolf Now
  229. Best way to hang a HT
  230. Sunlight
  231. Acrylic Case & Pedestal with Lighting for 1:2 Maquettes
  232. Detolf and Dioders cable options
  233. Cheap alternate solution to display your batpod (Canadian)
  234. ID Square Action-tt Illuminated Turntable
  235. Keeping Boxes?
  236. Replace your Detolf shelving with...
  237. Displaying Life Size Busts
  238. Redesigning display space
  239. Does sideshow lion-o and mumra fit in a detolf
  240. Opinions on this cabinet.
  241. Invisible 1/6 figure stands - anyone use them?
  242. Ideas on 1/6 displays
  243. Classics remain Classics
  244. Stand for Vader's helmet and mask ?
  245. Options for Wall-Mounted Displays?
  246. Buying Ikea Detolfs
  247. Light that fit ikea detolf
  248. Anybody know where to get these display cases....
  249. Detolf and mirrored back
  250. Stand for flying poses (future BD mark VII)