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  1. Has anyone use the slotted commercial wall systems for a display
  2. How do I make Detolf back mirrored?
  4. Advise needed from experienced collectors
  5. Best way/ideas for hot toys delorean
  6. How often do you turn on your display lights?
  7. Most ideal Besta shelf to display the tallest 1/4 scale statues
  8. Raising Detolf with Cubes
  9. Need a hand, display not coming together like I wanted (1:10, 1:12)
  10. How to save sideshow premium statues from dust?
  11. Dioramas & Backgrounds/Bases?
  12. What cabinet do you use for 1/3 scale statue!?!?
  13. Display stands ... Do you always use them?
  14. Advice Needed: Custom built-ins
  15. Anyone use the Walmart "Better Home" cube shelving?
  16. PAX glass\acrylic sliding door.
  17. Ikea Detolf Question
  18. Measurements of a Detolf glass Shelf
  19. Need TOMBO doors (AKA Fiskviken) and don't live in Germany ?! Here is a solution !!
  20. Advise on Cabinet Size (Ikea Pax)
  21. Do you secure your Besta to a wall?
  22. Turnoff On/Off lights for all statues
  23. Reinforce shelves .. advice (PAX)
  24. Custom brackets for displaying 1:6 figures
  25. Any display stands similar to HT Dynamic Figure Stand?
  26. Hanging Figures
  27. My ultimate Ikea PAX built ! with Acrylic doors !!
  28. Falling Dioders
  29. UV & Sunlight advice
  30. IKEA Vittsjo Glass Shelves Hold 60+ Pounds?
  31. Trying to find IKEA items discontinued in the US.....
  32. Displaying figures/statues with a plaque and/or autograph
  33. App or program to design own backdrops for detolf?
  34. TOY BONO Acrylic Stands
  35. Pax build /w Acrylic doors and Glass Shelves - Finally Finished
  36. Besta Owners: Anyone get their lighting from Barlighting.com?
  37. Adding clear doors to old Expedit & Kallax
  38. Pedestals?
  39. Lighting options for acrylic case?
  40. Is there a way to wire up 5 separate LED strips and hook them up to one remote?
  41. Light it up!
  42. Anyone use Bestas just for Hot Toys? How does it work? Trying to decide between cases
  43. Display ideas... need advice
  44. IKEA Malsjo - nice display cabinet
  45. Replacing glass shelves with acrylic shelves?
  46. LED mounting
  47. Mirrored display cabinet
  48. BILLY with glass-door owners...question!!!
  49. Lights for top of Detolf
  50. Looking for a display cabinet
  51. Help with LED's
  52. Dust Protection Ideas
  53. LED Strips
  54. Large display risers?
  55. Shelves for Star Wars Premium statues.
  56. Single colored background for Detolf - how to?
  57. Detolf LED Lighting HOW-TO
  58. IKEA Detolf Alternatives
  59. Using museum putty, gel or wax - which is best?
  60. Looking for advice on shelving options, custom or otherwise. Budget 1-1.5k
  61. Larger "detolf" Style Glass Case?
  62. Base stand help
  63. Risers for statues
  64. Brightest LED Strip
  65. Looking for a specific shelf but coming up dry, any ideas?
  66. My Billy Case
  67. Anyone considering CRI values when choosing LED lighting solutions?
  68. Is Detolf Dead?
  69. Displays above your Detolf?
  70. Hot Toys & Helmets: Detolfs, Bestas, or Pax?
  71. Storing loose 1/6 figures?
  72. IKEA Billy
  73. New way to power LED strips
  74. Creating a Cleaner Look for Billy and Besta Units - Shelf Hole Cover Caps/Plugs?
  75. New basement statue displays help
  76. Display basement humidity
  77. Assistance with Besta lighting
  78. Replacement for detolf shelves?
  79. UK/Euro retailer for single 1/6 cases?
  80. Glassvik vs Sindvik
  81. IKEA Shipping
  82. Stretching a BESTA
  83. looking for large single display case for Starscream ThreeA UK
  84. Share Your Utopian Display
  85. What are the best out-of-box solutions for lighting a detolf?
  86. Dustproofing a Besta/Billy
  87. Which ikea PAX sliding doors/frames to get for full clear replacements?
  88. Displaying with cats in the home...(detolf? billy? other?)
  89. Glass Tier Shelves
  90. What dimensions for Pax Sliding door frames (79x59)?
  91. Wall Mounting Prop Replica Guns
  92. What is your best LIGHTING solution for non detolf cabinets? Bestas, Pax, Billys, etc
  93. Display options...
  95. Shelf Width?
  96. Premium Format name plates / stands.
  97. International Shipping IKEA
  98. Would it be safe? Horizontal Billy on top of 2 detolfs
  99. Weight Distribution and Shelving Max Loads
  100. Anyone familiar with MODUCASE?
  101. Anyone try IKEA's new SAMMANHANG? (Individual display box)
  102. Need a cabinet for 1/6 and 1/4 figures
  103. New Ikea tiered display
  104. Display Coffee Table
  105. Help, my DETOLF came out crooked
  106. Displaying my hot toys Captain America’s
  107. Custom Cabinet Time : )
  108. UK Collectors
  109. Life size bust cabinets
  110. Detolf 90 degrees