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  1. 1/4 scale Christopher Reeve as Superman statue!
  2. Any pics of the 13" Superman Returns?
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  4. Superman Returns
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  12. Takara Catwoman!!!!!!!
  13. DC Direct Linda Carter Wonder Woman Statue
  14. HT Superman re-issued?
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  16. Ever wonder which Superman 1/6 is the one for you??
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  19. DC Direct 13" Superman (Classic)
  20. Superman Returns Comparison
  21. Superman Reborn Trailer - Has anyone seen this - AMAZING!
  22. What are the chances of a Hot Toys Chris Reeve Superman?
  23. Which Batmobile is the coolest?
  24. More Hot Toys Superman?
  25. Official HT Superman/Clark spec (2 in 1) *Old thread, don't get yer hopes up*
  26. Official Hot Toys Superman Returns Jor El spec-
  27. DCD 13" Joker & Harley Quinn
  28. Hot Toys Jor El Image Thread
  29. New 1/6 Superman Crystals...
  30. DCDIRECT 1/4 scale mixed media wonder woman
  32. Official Takara Batman Begins Image Thread
  33. DC Direct 13" Dark Knight Joker and Batman Preorders
  34. Hot Toys should do Reeve Superman BEFORE Keaton Batman!
  35. DCD 13" Green Arrow - In Stores 4/02/2008
  36. Superman VS Darkseid statue
  37. Hot Toys- Batman TDK Busts, Bats + Joker full spec and pics
  38. Hot Toys- MMS 67 - The Dark Knight - 1/6th BATMAN (Original Costume) full spec+pics
  39. Repaint Hottoys Superman
  40. Superman - 1:6 scale figure - need help finding the best one!
  41. Hot Toys 1/6 Tumbler/Batpod Batman
  42. DCD Watchmen - The Comedian 13" figure
  43. Hot Toys - The Dark Knight - 1/6th BATMAN (New Costume)
  44. Medicom Joker
  45. Medicom DK
  46. Which HT Batman Floats Your Boat More?
  47. HT Batman Fever...How Much to be an Addict?
  48. For those that can't find the HT joker for preorder
  49. Would you like to see my mask?
  51. What to do if you Missed out on the Joker Pre-order
  52. hottoys or dc direct joker
  53. Medicom Bruce Wayne
  54. DC Direct 13" Absolute Sandman!
  55. TDK News: Hot Toys Newsletter--New Figures and DC Direct Distribution
  56. Hot Toys 1/6th scale The JOKER Photo thread
  57. 13" DC Direct Sgt. Rock
  58. DC Direct 13" Dr. Manhattan
  59. Hot Toys 1/6th scale BATMAN (Original Suit) Photo thread
  60. DC Direct Watchmen Props
  61. Christopher Reeve Superman Statue coming from DCD
  62. Bob D. Tumbler progress
  63. HT The Dark Knight figures waiting room
  64. Hot Toys Batman Cosbaby
  65. Hot Toys TDK 1/6 Batman: Original vs. New Suit?
  66. Which batman is better ?
  67. Batman Life size
  68. I got bored waiting for my HT Joker
  69. Which is the better Joker.
  70. Anyone buy DC Direct Deluxe Figures?
  71. Hot Toys Batman Begins V.1 v.s. V.2 - What do you think?
  72. Today's Haul: Hot Toys Batman in Original Begins suit
  73. more Dark Knight Hot Toys??
  74. DC/Batman Section?
  75. What batman figure is this?
  76. Hot Toys/DC Direct Info Just Got It From The Source
  77. The "I'm Already Sick of HT Batman" Thread
  78. New Hot Toys Joker Bank Robber
  79. The Watchmen Figure Thread.
  80. Toys2 and Busted Batman
  81. Bank Robber Joker
  82. Finally have my review of the Hot Toys Batman/Joker!
  83. Michael Keaton sculpt
  84. would you buy this batman if you had the money?
  85. Dark Knight Headsculpts from C. Howes- Alfred, Dent, Gordon, Fox
  86. The Dark Knight On DVD Dec. 9th 2008!!!!!!!
  87. The Fun of collecting - Dark Knight & Joker
  88. How much did you pay for your TDK Hot Toys?
  89. Batman 1/4 scale museum quality statue - thoughts?
  90. Can we expect hot toys batman comic inspired line?
  91. Hell YES!
  92. DC GO HOME!!
  93. Hot Toys Joker (Bank Bobber Version) on Hot Toys Web site
  94. Hot Toys Two-Face???
  95. DC Figures Photo Thread
  96. Mattel: DC Universe Classics
  97. Hot Toys--TDK-1/6th The JOKER (Bank Robber version) full spec and hi-res pics
  98. Joker GOONS - who's who? Ha-Ha!
  99. 1/6 Nicholson Joker ?.
  100. The Worst Joker Impressions ever.
  101. The next Batman movie approach.
  102. Your Ultimate Hot Toys DC Wish-list!
  103. Nerd Alert! IJ in costume as The Comedian
  104. Mr. Freeze's Best Line from Batman & Robin?
  105. Everything Smallville
  106. Any new Hot Toys Tumbler pics kicking about
  107. Heroes of the dc universe bust line
  108. Favorite DC Comic Character?
  109. Which is your favourite Hot Toys TDK Figurines?
  110. Batman Begins Ninja statue teaser
  111. It's about time DC Direct starts producing some high end statues.
  112. Christian Bale Batman Begins Ninja Statue in full
  113. DC Direct Batman the Animated series maquettes
  114. Reading any DC comics these days?
  115. 1/1 silicon TDK joker , check it out.
  116. Hot Toys- JC Hong's paint work on the new Joker
  117. Would you buy hot toys 89 batman stuff and do you think it could ever exist ?
  118. 1:1 Heath Ledger 'Joker' Bust
  119. TDK Official Blu-ray Specs, Cover Art, Etc.
  120. Hot Toys Scarecrow?
  121. HT The Dark Knight New Costume PHOTO Thread.
  122. What Hot Toys TDK figures are you getting?
  123. How do you plan on displaying the HT Tumbler?
  124. My JOKER HOT TOYS video showcase.
  125. 1:2 Ross Inspired Supes Bust Sculpt
  126. HT BR Joker + Bat Pod or Tumbler?
  127. Modifying Your Hot Toys TDK Suit Batman
  128. Updated Hot Toys release dates
  129. Original or New Costume? Which do you prefer
  130. Post your Black & White Batman statue collection here!
  131. Wizard Magazine's Ultimate Batman Cowl Pics..
  132. Why doesn't anyone ever shoot Batman in the mouth?
  133. Medicom TDK Harvey Dent/Two-Face
  134. Man of steel, reboot or sequel?
  135. Hot Toys- TDK - TWO-FACE / Harvey Dent Hi res spec and pics
  136. please remove mods thanks!
  137. Hot Toys absolutely must make WATCHMEN figures!
  138. POLL- Hot Toys- Jim Gordon, would you buy one?
  139. More Jokers from Hot Toys?What would you like to see?
  140. Hot Toys Scarecrow, yay or nay?
  141. Harvey Dent: Republican or Democrat?
  142. New Medicom Batman Begins
  143. "Joker" graphic novel by Brian Azzarello
  144. DCD 13" V, V for Vendetta
  145. AH Wonder Woman
  146. Movie Masters Batpod now at Target!
  147. DC Direct Green Lantern Corps 13" Figure
  148. "Watching The Watchmen" Book Discussion Thread
  149. Kotobukiya Joker Statue
  150. Michael Keaton Batman
  151. The Dark Knight Meets Superman
  152. Would The Dark Knight have been any good if it had been made by Americans?
  153. Batman Begins Movie Replica Costume
  154. Hot Wheels 1:18 Super Elite '66 Batmobile
  155. Question about TDK Bruce Wayne's motorcycle
  156. Batman Hot toys "The Dark Knight Version" Video Showcase.
  157. Should Wonder Woman return to live action ?
  158. Joker Interrogation - custom figure and diorama
  159. The Dark Knight--Complete Score Release
  160. The Noble Collection The Dark Knight Props!!!!!!!!!!
  161. DC Direct 1/4
  162. Robin Silicon head(chris Odonell)
  163. Batman Mayor Files Suit For Caped Crusader Cash
  164. All the way From Hong Kong for NOTHING!!
  165. DC Direct 13" Golden Age Flash!
  166. Sovereign Scarecrow kit: Order thread
  167. Jim Lee Batman....
  168. The Spirit/Octopus 1/6 figures by HT?
  169. Bank Robber Joker Video Showcase.
  170. Medicom Joker
  171. For Your Consideration: The Dark Knight
  172. Need a custom suit job for my Hot Toys Joker
  173. Hot Toys - MMS 85 - The Spirit - The SPIRIT figure spec and hi-res pics
  174. Hot Toys - MMS 86 -The Spirit - THE OCTOPUS figure spec & hi-res pics
  176. The ultimate joker !!
  177. Why hasn't Bale been praised for Batman role in TDK?
  178. Sovereign 20th anniversary Keaton Batman
  179. Cop joker (not hot toys) asian custom
  180. My idea for a third batman movie
  181. Dark Knight DVD UK Versions
  182. Custom SCARECROW upgraded
  183. 1989 Joker + 1992 Penguin Figures
  184. DC thread is the most popular all of a sudden?
  185. 1/6 heath/Joker head sculpt interrogation scene WIP
  186. TDK Sticky Bomb
  187. When should we be watching (for) the Watchmen?
  188. BR Joker Group Therapy Session
  189. DCD Spirit
  190. Where to order Hot Toys Dark Knight figures?
  191. More bad news HT Dc direct 1/6 figs
  192. Hot Toys - TDK - TWO-FACE / Harvey Dent PHOTO Thread
  193. Mattel Movie Masters Thread
  194. DC 13 Black Canary
  195. Hot Toys Reeve Superman or Keaton Batman?
  196. And the next Batman baddie is?????? +Possible spoiler+
  197. Breaking Watchmen News...Not Good!
  198. The Dark Knight Chase Scene with Score....
  199. HELP !!!!! Broken Peg on my Dark Knight Batman !!!
  200. Finished My 'Heath Ledger' Joker Bust!
  201. Batman's 70th birthday in May.
  202. Superman Returns; the most underated superhero movie in a while?
  203. Favorite Superman Movie? (out of these)
  204. DC Direct distributed HT Dark Knight
  205. Aaron Eckhart as Two-Face Illustration - WIP
  206. Any chance of Hot Toys doing figures for Watchmen?
  207. New TDK headknockers
  208. Ledger as Joker autograph - real or fake - ???
  209. Help with broken Hot Toys bank robber Joker?
  210. TDK Award Winnings List
  211. Still looking for hot toys dark knight figures?
  212. new TDK Joker sculpt
  213. My Bat Pod review
  214. Which Hot Toys Joker to get?
  215. 13" DC Direct Wonder Woman finally revealed!!
  216. Hot Toys Joker version 3??
  217. HT not backing down from The Spirit figures
  218. Wooksters Hot Toys Bat-Pod review... yes another one, Yay!
  219. Hot Toys Bank Robber Joker review
  220. Who is your favorite member of the Watchmen?
  221. Batman: The Brave and the Bold.
  222. Any real life pics of the Dr. Manhattan 1/6 figure out there yet?
  223. Custom Dark Knight Heads ONLY
  224. No Hot Toys Oldman Gordon - Explained
  225. Dr Jonathan Crane a.k.a. SCARECROW
  226. HT BB vs DK Original Costume Batman question
  227. Campaign for ht tdk costume batman v.2
  228. What is the Quintessential Superman Collectible?
  229. Custom joker with real hair
  230. Watchmen costumes by Rubies (uh... yuck)
  231. Cooler custom cape for my Takara Batman
  232. DC Direct 1:6 Sinestro
  233. DC Direct 6" Watchmen figures
  234. 1/3 NEW JOKER 1/1 silicon almost complete
  235. scratch built full working Batmobile
  236. Which HT Batman is Better?
  237. Dr. Manhattan Poll
  238. Hot Toys The Spirit Silken floss spec and hi-res pics
  239. The Dark Knight Harvey Dent 1:1 Scale Bust
  240. Has there ever been a 1:6 Scale SWAMP THING figure?
  241. AH DC Line (Pictures from NYCC)
  242. Any chance of Dark Knight cinemaquette's???
  243. V For Vendetta Absolute Edition - August 2009
  244. HT Batman Robber Suit - Smell?
  245. Watchmen Question
  246. Veidt's Nite Owl Dark Roast: Official Watchmen Coffee!
  247. dancing HT batman joker
  248. medicoms bruce wayne
  249. Green Lantern PF
  250. Is this the hottest Wonder Woman collectible?