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  1. Display Case
  2. Question about HT Original Costume Batman
  4. HT Joker: Police Officer Version
  5. Henry Ducard/Ra's Al Ghul training gear WIP
  6. Heath Ledger as The Joker Illustration - WIP
  7. Anyone Selling Authentic Dark Knight Props? I WILL BUY!!!
  8. Joker's knife 1:1 peop replica
  9. Why is HT Batman Original Costume better?
  10. DC 13" Supergirl
  11. Why no Scarecrow?
  12. Medicom TDK Batman: Nothing New!?
  13. Kotobukiya Jim Lee Batman 1/6 Scale PVC Statue
  14. RORSCHACH WIP custom
  15. Medicom (Original Costume) Dark Knight Batman
  16. Is this a clue to the HT Joker in Police Uniform?
  17. wanted to ask about the hot toys joker b4 i buy
  18. Batmobile + Smart car = Batsmart
  19. Which Nolan Batman film is better of the two?
  20. Morrison trying to emulate WATCHMEN?
  21. modified takara batman
  22. New Cop Joker Image + another added 03/27
  23. dc direct joker and hot toys joker comparrison.
  24. Zatanna 1:6 scale deluxe collector figure
  25. Custom Two-face headsculpt mods ORDER THREAD
  26. Hot Toys - MMS DX 01- The Dark Knight - The Joker spec and pics
  27. Okay, how about Scarecrow fo MMS DX 02?
  28. Mattel SDCC Exclusive: Classic Wonder Twins
  29. Cop/Mob MMS DX Joker Pair Buy/Split Purchase
  30. Hot toys MMS DX Joker suggestions
  31. Heres my re-worked TDK Joker
  32. SPECULATION: MMS-DX-02-TDK Batman Announced!!!??
  33. Ebay BR Joker Blue Eye Repaint
  34. Commission Superman v.s. Sculpt.... DONE!!!!
  35. Next likely candidates for the new DX series?
  36. DC Animation figures
  37. Hot Toys Christopher Reeve DX Superman petition.
  38. Hot Toys Keaton Batman Petition
  39. Official BB/TDK Scarecrow Dr. Crane Thread
  40. Scarecrow mask the order thread
  41. Did anybody ever call Alfred?
  42. Hot Toys Batman Cleaning
  43. Sideshow-Quality DC Statues?
  44. Wonder Woman v Ares (RIP OFF)
  45. Hot Toys Jack Nicholson JOKER figure Petition! (No Nolan/Ledger debates please...)
  46. Joker Goon 1/6 Masks Interest Thread
  47. Jokercopter pics?
  48. Fan Art and Question
  49. Custom Riddler Figures?
  50. new DX joker pics??
  51. Best Batman 1/6 Scale Figure
  52. Medicom Dark Knight Batman - Photo Thread -
  53. To all Hot Toys Purple Coat Joker fans, what are your Joker plans?
  54. DC Dynamics
  55. DC Direct 13" Batman Beyond
  56. Recommendations for Batman Graphic Novels
  57. Comparison of all the Begins/Dark Knight toys
  58. Custom Workz Keaton Batman(s)
  59. Superman Graphic Novel Recommendations
  60. DC Direct 1:2 Joker Bust Pics?
  61. Repainted Two Face
  62. Micheal Keaton is awesome...
  63. Faulty Hot Toys Jor-El painting...
  64. Hot Toys Watchmen Silk Spectre II
  65. Hit Me!.....Street Joker
  66. is a good price for..(BR Joker).
  67. Hot Toys- The Watchmen, Silk Spectre 'Official' Spec + pics
  68. Who would you definitely buy in an Hot Toys Watchmen line?
  69. Mattel sixth scale Dark Knight Joker review
  70. What Batman Character/Product has the potential to increase its value in the future?
  71. Which one of these supermans would you get?
  72. 1/1 Christopher Reeve WIP
  73. Chris Reeve Superman Statue
  74. Found this Amazing Video on Youtube, on Heath Ledger's Joker in Arkham Asylum!!!
  75. My Personal Custom Joker
  76. Batman... v.2... by Zuno... ^L^
  77. DC Direct Comic-Con Exclusive GREEN LANTERN Action Figures
  78. Custom 1:1 Superman Routh Bust
  79. Grail Keaton batman Item?
  80. Custom Lucius Fox Thread
  81. Watchmen movie appeal?
  82. rorschach - speculation
  83. Howard S. Heath Bust
  84. "Let's put a smile on that face!" Joker V.1 mod
  85. Superman Statues
  86. heath ledger joker bust 1:1 scale
  87. Bruce Wayne Painted
  88. Hot Toys Batman DX 'it's official'
  89. Hot Toys MMS DX TDK Batman suggestions
  90. Anyone know an etailer with the HT TDK Begins ?
  91. Next Cinemaquette is Superman
  92. Hot Toys Batman DX teaser pic...AT LAST!!!
  93. Tim Burton's Brainiac sketches/models from Superman Lives
  94. Green Lantern---Blackest Night (Spoilers)
  95. Mattel Reveals Video of SDCC DCUC Wonder Twins Packaging!
  96. 1/6 MMS DX 02 - TDK- BATMAN full spec and pics
  97. Hot Toys Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern?
  98. Mms Dx Lucius fox anyone?
  99. Is it too early to pre-order DX Batman from Ebay?
  100. DC Direct 1/2 Joker bust (comic version)
  101. Dear Hot Toys - Re: MMS DX Batman
  102. What else can Hot Toys do with the Batman license?
  103. Why No Batman PF
  104. Next DC Direct 13" figure is Classic Catwoman
  105. DC Direct Batman VS Killer Croc statue
  106. Official BB/TDK Alfred Thread
  107. How about Hot Toys MMS Commissioner Loeb?
  108. Takara Dark Knight Batman?
  109. are we getting picky?
  110. Hot Toys Comedian
  111. DCD 13" Poison Ivy
  112. SDCC 2009 Toynami DC Products
  113. Superman line from Mattel
  115. Hot Toys Jonah Hex?
  116. Show Your Entire Batman Collection!
  117. DC Direct 1:6 Scale Deluxe Collector Figures
  118. How About 1/6 Smiling Joker
  120. My WIP Nurse Joker
  121. My Ledger Joker 1:1 (new pics 8/12)
  122. Hot Toys:Nite Owl II / Archimedes?
  123. Batman and Joker Life Size Busts (Custom Keaton and Nicholson by Mike Hill)
  124. My Tumbler review
  125. Hot Toys Action photo/Funny photo thread
  126. Who would buy HT Batman:Arkham Asylum figures?
  127. Thoughts on custom name plate for 1/6 tumbler?
  128. Anyone Else Collect 7" Batman Figures?
  129. fyi sale at tonnerdirect
  130. Recommendations for Bruce Wayne "kitbash"
  131. Who would buy a "realistic" 1/6 harley quinn?
  132. My custom-made Joker's Interrogation Room
  133. Absolute DC Books
  134. Go With a Smile!! It's my Ultimate BATMAN 89' Joker figure
  135. I'm BATMAN: The Definitive Batman 89' Michael Keaton figure
  136. DC Direct Build-a-Scene
  137. 1/6 TDk Interrogation room
  138. 1/6 or 12" Batman figures?????
  139. Scored an incredible Howard S. Keaton Batman!
  140. Looking for full size Gotham Times - Need Help!!!
  141. Batman B&W Mazzucchelli review
  142. Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths Animated Feature Announced
  143. Nicolas Cage as Superman
  144. Begins suit in Dark Knight looks different?
  145. should i trade these for that?? HELP!
  146. Joker Goon Masks Version 2.0
  147. Batman/Superman Public Enemies DVD
  148. My Scarecrow Costume from Batman Begins
  149. My first 1/6 custom. Smiling Joker
  150. The Joker is Alive... ^L^
  151. V1 Joker head repaint?
  152. Hot Toys DX01 The Joker (with cop disguise) full review + pics
  153. Authentic "The Joker" autograph signed by Heath Ledger
  154. Best price for Hot toys DX Bat and Joker ?
  155. Sideshow DC Products?!?
  156. Revoltech Batman Begins
  157. Is there a Adam West Batman interest out there ?
  158. where can i get this superman statue.
  159. Would you buy HT Batman Forever figures?
  160. My WIP 1/1 scale Bob Causey Joker bust
  161. My Bruce Wayne Ninja statue!
  162. My custom Christopher Reeve Superman 1/6 figure
  163. Diamond Comics 1/4 Wonder Woman Statue: Customized by SilentSurfer
  164. custom 1/6 fear toxin batman figure
  166. Cooltoyreview Watchmen reveal!
  167. My Custom 1/6th Heath Jokers - A few new costume piccy doo daas
  168. Hot Toys -MMS 115 -WATCHMEN - The Comedian- Spec and pics
  169. 50% off Hot Toys Batman TDK stuff...
  170. Hypothetical discussion of the HT Watchmen line
  171. DCD: 13" Kingdom Come Superman Figure
  172. Customizing DC Direct 13" Blunders
  173. DCD TDK Joker
  174. What is a Hot Toys Superman figure going for?
  175. Has there ever been talks of anyone doing a Keaton Batman in 1/6th scale?
  176. What are you reading? (DC Comics edition)
  177. Interst check for TDK: OC Batman
  178. My Howard S Studios Ledger Joker Bust
  179. Create a Full scale outfit of the Joker costume?
  180. Hot Toys DX-01 Joker, Goemon Saizo and Chacha reviews
  181. Checkout my custom 1989 Michael Keaton Batman 1/6 Scale
  182. new Reeve & Carter busts from DC Direct
  183. Would you buy a DX Batman original costume?
  184. Merry Xmas every Freak here and what you get??!! :D
  185. My Unboxing of BATMAN DX HOT TOYS 1:6 Scale Figure.
  186. Kotobukiya Batman
  188. Display - Joker bank robber mask
  189. Hot Toys Batman Original Costume MIB- What's it worth?
  190. My BATMAN DX Showcase Video.
  191. Mattel Retro-Action Mego line...
  192. Show your Shelves only 4 DC-Batman-Superman-Hot Toys Shelves!!
  193. Fitting a HT head on a Takara Body
  194. New CG Batman Statue
  195. "No one gets near the clown!" Hot Toys "Jail Cell" Joker Custom
  196. DC Direct Keaton Batman 1989 Product Thread
  197. DCD Batman:Arkham Asylum Black & White Statue
  198. DC Direct Golden Age Green Lantern!
  199. "No, no, no - I kill the bus driver." Bank Robber Joker Custom
  200. JOKER -New HCG License!
  201. Hot Toys Batman DX02 quality issues
  202. Confirmed: DC Kotobukiya Bishoujo
  203. My Custom MMS DX Joker
  204. DX02 residue in abdominal area, has yours shown signs of it?
  205. Custom joker with dx cop joker head (image heavy)
  206. Joker ledger , 1/1 paint progress
  207. Question About DC Direct 1/6 Scale Deluxe Figures
  208. WATCHMEN Comic Prequels?
  209. Brightest Day ---DC Universe Event SPOILERS
  210. Takara Catwoman
  211. Custom 1/6 movie style Rorschach coat.
  212. DC Direct Toy Fair booth
  213. DC Direct Museum Quality Joker Statue
  214. my custom 1/6 1966 batmobile , batman , robin
  215. Dark Knight carpark diorama base
  216. Possible new Catwoman Statue??
  217. Cinemaquette Presents: Batman '89 Batmobile & Batwing -buy from Sideshow!!!!
  218. Power Lanterns & Rings Spectrum
  219. I hate Mike Crawford!
  220. very proud day, check it out.
  221. Superman Debut Comic sells for $1,000,000
  222. 1939 Batman comic breaks 3 day old Superman record...
  223. Signal the Dark Knight by Woody Inc.
  224. League of Shadows Bruce Wayne
  225. Watchmen confusion
  226. Hot Toys, TDK Batman-DX02 full review and pics
  227. Real Hair Joker DX head
  228. DX Batman or DX Joker?
  229. green lantern movie starring ryan reynolds, yay or nay?
  230. "...it's about what's fair!" Custom Harvey Dent and Two-Face
  231. How many people are waiting for their commission from Imaresqd1?
  232. My Batman vs Croc review
  233. Cheap Tumblers with Broken Parts Not Bad
  234. DC Comics The Joker - $31 on amazon
  235. Medi Dark Knight $66 at Hobby Link Japan
  236. If Hot Toys wanted to make a Dr. Manhattan...
  237. Superman Vs. Muhammad Ali from DCD
  238. What to do with that old Medi BB Batman you ask????
  239. Bruce wayne return? - comic spoilers
  240. Do not deal with the seller steel
  241. Batman Begins balt fully magnetic
  242. how does wonder woman FLY?
  243. Modified Cop Joker head..... HIT ME!!!!
  244. Hot Toys Gary Oldman Commisioner Gordon on the way
  245. DC DIRECT: Batman/Spawn Statue
  246. WonderCon Exclusive Figs....Here we go AGAIN!
  247. Full 1989 Batman Costume Replica
  248. Hot Toys - MMS DX 04 - 1/6th scale Christopher Reeve Superman/Clark Kent pics/specs
  249. DC Direct Batman:Arkham Asylum video game figures
  250. Modified DX joker head... How bout a magic trick?