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  12. Thesis: "Temple Of Doom" is over-hated and under-appreciated
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  16. Trailer!
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  20. OMG, PLEASE let these be 1/6th scale....
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  22. Indiana Jones edition size?
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  24. 12" Indy In Adventure Gear: Raiders Version Discussion Thread
  25. Extra Head - what will you be doing?
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  28. The Next INDY Figure?
  29. Favorite Indy VILLAIN?
  30. Shia LaBeouf ?
  31. Indiana Jones Premium Format Clue
  32. Differences between Indy in the films????
  33. Sideshow: "Surprise Imports" ?
  34. How Flippable is the Ex. 1:6 Indy
  35. How Flippable is the Hasbro Indy?
  36. Will Toys McCoy Indy survive?
  37. Okay, Sideshow... now we REALLY need you to make a Horse!!!
  38. The Lost Journal of Indiana Jones
  39. Looks like Diamond Select Toys has INDY as well...
  40. 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' Official picture thread
  41. "The RAIDERS Movies"
  42. Base/Diorama for Indy Figure?
  44. The Man With The Hat Is Back. And This Time He's Bringing His Son (?)
  45. Karen Allen to be signing at Official Pix (Lucasfilm) booth at SDCC!
  46. Now at a casino near you: Indiana Jones Slot Machines
  47. Should they make MORE IJ films after KOTCS? (Without Ford)
  48. Irish & Indy
  49. No HD Indy KOTCS? Say It Isn't So
  50. INDY Sketch Cards from upcoming Topps "Heritage" Set
  51. Will the new indy have anti-communist propaganda?
  52. Original Indiana Jones Trilogy Special Edition DVD Re-Releases: May 13
  53. Indy Misc. Items
  54. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
  55. Sideshow Makes the News (Inc. Indy PF teaser)
  56. Dark Horse Indy & other written works
  57. Lucas on "Crystal Skull" (from ShoWest Q&A with EW)
  58. Indiana Jones and The Calendar of Broken Wallets: A Collector's Planning Guide
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  64. Just imagine how Raiders would've been if...
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  66. Lucas Spouts Off Again.
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  69. Indy Novels
  70. Favorite Indiana Jones Films
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  78. RAIDERS Question
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  80. takara indy
  81. Hasbro's INDY Figures: Wave 3 ("The Last Crusade")
  82. Your most anticipated PF that is NOT Indy...
  83. Toys R Us = Dumb
  84. Should Melting Faces Be Exculsives?
  85. Harrison Ford Interview in new Men's Journal
  86. KOTCS Final Edit "Locked", Run-Time Announced...
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  88. Indy Ordering Day Plan
  89. Very Good Lucas/Spielberg Interview in new EW
  90. Site Down!!! Order by Phone
  91. Keeping your INDY PF EX?
  92. Gentle Giant Indy Last Crusade statue
  93. Gentle Giant Temple of Doom Indy mini bust
  94. Who has the cheapest regular Sideshow Indy PF?
  95. Who cancelled their Excl. PF Indy?
  96. Dr Pepper's INDY Site
  97. Interesting article about the "real" Crystal Skulls.
  98. The Worst Thing About The Burger King Promotion...
  99. Raiders of the Lost Ark Character Key
  100. Even if you hate Kingdom of the Crystal Skull...
  101. Oh boy: INDY NASCAR Car On The Way
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  107. Where can I get an Indiana Jones Arnie Kim headsculpt?
  108. Rate the Indy headsculpts!
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  112. Steranko Concept Artwork
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  114. The Indy Acquisitions ("Look What I Found") Thread
  115. Opening Night -- Who's going
  116. 1/6 Grail Diary and Raiders Journal Available!
  117. Noble Collection Indiana Jones Props
  118. Hasbro CAIRO SWORDSMAN 12" Image Thread
  119. It's official: PG-13 for KOTCS
  120. Hooray for talking Indy!
  121. Indy Trilogy on TBS this Weekend
  122. What if Indy dies?
  123. Crystal Skull Soundtrack Preview At Amazon
  124. Give Irish Indy!
  125. How are you going to display your Indy???
  126. The NEW Indiana Jones DVDs
  127. I've Had My Indy Cherry Popped
  128. Medicom Mutt williams
  129. Hasbro's 1:6 Scaled Ark of The Covenant Picture Thread
  130. Indy Official Fedora
  131. Lucas Talks Indy 5
  132. The "I've Seen Indy IV" Thread (No Spoilers Please)
  133. Cutest Indiana Jones figures you'll ever see
  134. Stupid Radio Station
  135. When, Where are you seeing KOTCS?
  136. The Biggest Dissapointment Of My Life Thus Far...
  137. INDY Fedora at SS
  138. Indy Villain Poll at SS
  139. RAMBO vs KOTCS
  140. INDY IV: Thumbs Up/Down Poll
  141. Rank the Movies!
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  143. Indy IV POSITIVE Thread
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  148. What would be a good McGuffin?
  149. INDY IV: The IrishJedi "Review"
  150. Sideshow, where's my 1:1 Crystal Skull?
  151. Bring Back Short Round For Indy 5!!!!!!
  152. How many are on the waitlist for Sideshow 1/6 Indy?
  153. Repaint & Modified Hasbro Indiana Jones
  154. 12" Colonel Dovchenko by Hasbro
  155. Adam Hughes' KOTCS Review
  156. KOTCS: The Origins of The Alien/Sci-FI Elements
  157. Custom 1:6 Chachapoyan Fertility Idol Pedestal
  158. Soon Kali ma will rule... My display case :-)
  160. Condition of books shipped through Amazon.com
  161. Darabont Indy 4 script online now:
  162. Medicom RAH Young Indy
  163. Which KOTCS character in 1:6 scale?
  164. Medicom Indy VCD!!!
  165. Hasbro INDY Wave 4: "Temple of Doom"
  166. So far... Pretty boring selection from everyone...
  167. How many of you would buy a Indiana Jones Glowing Bone Alien Dio from Sideshow????
  168. So where's the NEXT 12" FIGURE?
  169. Indiana Jones Mighty Muggs
  170. Sideshow's making a scaled Crystal Skull for the KOTCS DVD release!!
  171. Kotobukiya Indy/Henry Jones Sr. review
  172. Indy (self) Cartoon Project
  173. New Indy Hasbro pics
  174. Indiana Jones Gentle Giant SDCC Exclusive
  175. Adventure Heroes: Indy with Horse
  176. Hasbro 1/6 Scale ARK OF THE COVENANT Image Thread!
  177. Rene Belloq 12" figure
  178. Sideshow 1/6 Idol Pedestal???
  180. Cool Toy Review Indy pics
  181. The most expensive Indiana Jones item... EVER
  182. SAPITO Custom for Idol Chamber anyone?
  183. KOTCS Blu-ray at Amazon
  184. No Ford.....No Jones....according to Lucas
  185. Has the luster worn off this section?
  186. total movie take
  187. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull on DVD Oct. 14th 2008!!!!!!!
  188. Has anyone received their mailaway figure
  189. Hasbro 3.75" Scaled Crystal Skeleton w/ Throne
  190. MEDICOM Indiana Jones VCD
  191. Toht 12-inch Figure
  192. Sideshow has Medicom young Indiana Jones for pre-order on the newsletter tonight.
  194. Expanded Scores Finally Coming In November!!
  195. 1/6 Indiana Jones Motorcyle with Sidecar?
  196. crystal skull dvd gift set (blueray)
  197. Hasbro line officially (NOT) dead???
  198. Best Indiana Jones hat?
  199. Indiana jones nuked the figs
  200. Temple of Doom Hasbro
  201. Harrison Ford: Lucas already working on INDY 5
  202. Lucas and Spielberg violate Indy
  203. Indy KOTCS DVD
  204. Question about sideshow gift card with DVD
  205. Indiana Jones-Halloween Costumes
  206. New Indy paint test..
  207. Connery out of retirement?
  208. Let's take a journey back in time to FEBRUARY 2008!
  209. Indy 1/6 Environments?
  210. Indy PF Split Shipment--Post Your Order Date & Time
  211. Sideshow 1/6 ROTLA Indiana Jones Image Thread
  212. my new Indy
  213. More INDY 5 "News" Per Ford
  214. Time for MOLA RAM figures. Let's start a new chant. All with me now...
  215. The Indy Premium Format IMAGE Thread
  216. Accurizing your SSC 1/6 Raiders Indy
  217. 1/6 Indy Customizations: Image Thread
  218. Who would buy a 1/6 scale Arabian horse?
  219. What large environment should the next figure come with?
  220. Check this garbage out! (DST Indy)
  221. Will Sideshow tank entirely because of the economy?
  222. Ultimate Quarter Scale Indiana Jones review
  223. Replacement jacket and whip for Indy
  224. Sideshow or medicom PLEASE MAKE A SHORT ROUND FIGURE!
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  228. 1:6 Mola Ram project
  229. Indy PF video mashup
  230. need a cheap Indy PF? details inside
  231. Sideshow Raiders Indy -- MASSIVE shipping error
  232. In what order do you rate the Indiana Jones Movies
  233. UK freaks. Are you still waiting for your Indy PF?
  234. What should the TOD PF look like?
  235. Hasbro's Dovchenko
  236. Indy Clearances
  237. Indiana Jones Mine Cart Diorama
  238. 1/4 PF Indy Replacement REAL leather belt w/ metal buckle
  239. 1/6 Last Crusade Motorcycle w/ Sidecar
  240. Indiana Jones Console Game
  241. TOD (You Betrayed Sheeba) 3-3/4"
  242. Which looks more like Indy
  243. Whip Handle Position on the PF
  244. Custom Premium Format Holster DONE !
  245. 1/6 Indiana Jones Exhibition Diorama (WIP)
  246. Indiana Jones Trilogy on Blu-ray
  247. Hottest Indy chick?
  248. The missing accesory from SS Indy PF - 1/4 Scale Sandbag!
  249. Ada's aging Indy
  250. No New Sideshow INDY at Toy Fair Apparently