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    Default Re: S.H.FiguArts Dragonball Z figures!!!

    New update collection video coming soon at: www.instagram.com/gary_garzon

    Click image for larger version. 

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    La Mole convention is tomorrow. Should see a possible reveal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bee Vee View Post
    La Mole convention is tomorrow. Should see a possible reveal tomorrow
    Hopefully Broly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cooler View Post
    Hope we get to see the new Brolys soon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angelo2113 View Post
    Glad you were able to get all four figures! What did you think of the Broly movie?

    Thank you for the video! Super Buu looks like he came out excellent!

    Edited: I'm truly amazed by the sculpt work/design on Super Buu. I had no idea how they were going to be able to capture the fluid transition from head to neck but they did it perfectly.
    Thanks, I liked the movie very much, also the new Broly design in all aspects exceeds its previous version, from my perspective Toriyama "humanized" the character.

    Photo review of Super Boo at Hacchaka:

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    Although this tall evil Buu is just my third favorite version of him (first is Fat because of his cuteness, second is Kid because of his cruelty), he does look awesome and fun to play around with! Too bad mine won't arrive until probably April since I'm still waiting for Figma Kizuna Ai in my monthly orders to be released on the 26th or something.

    Hmm speaking of villains, I really don't like the ones who can just regenerate body parts or replenish their health as long as they're not completely annihilated to an atomic level. When I first learned of Cell, I accepted him even if he had that trait because he's the only main villain so far to be like that. The fact that he's a biological experiment that actually dealt with cells also gave him a reason to have that kind of ability. Cells in real life do multiply and survive. When I learned that Buu was the same, I felt disappointed, especially after I saw how many times Fat Buu already got torn, ripped, shredded, and blown to bits in all sorts of ways. Without the ability to regenerate (even from smoke), the Buu arc would've been over right away.

    I'm just glad that in Super, the new characters have more varied abilities and none of that cheap regeneration trait.

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    @Adeno I both agree & disagree.. how I rationalize Boo’s abilities is the fact that he is a magical being, whereas Cell is a biological android. He has limits, but do magical creations have limits? Therefore I think it makes more sense for Boo to regenerate instead of Cell. Plus he was able to absorb anybody he wanted, even transform them. Boo was a nigh-invincible opponent, which is why I put him just a notch above Cell

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    Demoniacal Fit is making some gotenk ghosts!! Along with more Vegitto hints and a new slash weapon for black

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