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    Default Kitsune Statue - The Seven Deadly Sins - Diane

    I haven't the foggiest idea who this company are or what the anime series is about, since I'm not really into manga, bar a few exceptions, but this statue just happened to catch my eye:

    Licence : Nanatsu No Taizai (Seven Deadly Sins)
    Character: Diane, Serpent’s sin of Envy
    Material: resin
    Statue : Official licence, very detailled, quality of packaging (webbing, artbox ect)
    Size: 48 cm x 47 cm x 42,5 cm (approximately)
    Quantity : 300-500 pieces
    Concept art : Thiago Richau
    Sculptors: Ranyert Guanipa, Jaime Rodriguez and Stivens Trujillo Sanchez

    Diane is fighting in a damaged land modified by her powerful attacks.
    We know it’s a modified 1/6 scale but we would like that fans could expose the complete line and have an homogenous render. Not a 1m52 statue in the middle of the others characters (because Diane is about 9m15 in the anime except when she is in human size).
    But we would like to do her taller than others character in reference to her power and the Giant Race.
    We hope that you will enjoy this statue.

    Like we would like to share with you the different steps, here where we are for Diane :
    The factory is printing the prototype of Diane. After that, they will create a mold and produce some casts. With this, we will see the quality of the sculpt you will receive at home.

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    Watch it on Netflix. They might as well say it's 1:12 scale. Diane is a Titan in the series.

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    Yeah not a bad anime on Netflix... New season is relatively new on there as well... I like it... Good to see this anime get made into a licensed statue... I hope it sells well

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    True. I've been watching that on Netflix too

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    Theres an anime also, its a pretty good show. I still have to finish it. Her character is pretty massive, looks like this will be a decent size at 18 without her even standing straight. I havent heard of this company either, so many new ones out there popping up

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