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    Default Re: Hot Toys Battle Angel Alita

    Quote Originally Posted by WhoaItsJBot View Post
    I doubt it. The figure is being updated on a regular basis and the prototype was sent to Sideshow for preview. If I remember right the Valerian figures were shown at cons and then disappeared. Even though it doesn't guarantee anything, I was seeing alot of talk and excitement on Facebook after that Sideshow Live.
    Good post and I agree.

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    While I understand the Valerian sentiment, I hope this IP has more potential and popularity. Especially given the names working on the film. The manga and OVA aren't bad whatsoever.

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    the mangas and the OVA (1993!) are GREAT. If they were'nt, there would be no live action movie... hope it will do well, so we might get another version of Alita (first white shell body)

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