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Thread: Guyver II Figma

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    Default Guyver II Figma

    I know it's not strictly anime but as a big fan of the original Guyver Manga series as a kid (still have the 12 VHS tapes), I was very happy to see Good Smile / Max Factory re-release Guyver I and later Guyver III as I'd missed the original run. It troubles me a little that they skipped from I to III as I loved the Guyver II suit and would be great to have the 3 Guyvers displayed. Does anyone know if Guyver II is on the horizon? I've been scowering the internet for info but come up with nothing.

    Many thanks.

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    Yeah, I just finished the old series myself and was just turned to it recently. Loved it.

    As far as the fig, I like the statues by Prime 1. But wouldn’t mind picking up a couple of these.

    Waitlist for Prime1 Guyver 0 came through. Think I’m going to grab it.

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